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43 Laboratory Safety GHS Hazcom Training Program 2 video program on the new GHS elements can help fullfill an initial training requirement by focusing on: - Understanding the new GHS label elements - Identifying the new GHS pictograms - Reading and interpreting GHS Safety Data Sheets Includes: DVD with 2 videos (14 min GHS Labeling Video and 10 min GHS Safety Data Sheets Video), instructor's guide, employee quiz, PowerPoint presentations and 5 Employee Handbooks Catalog # Description Qty. 132428 GHS Hazcom Training Program Kit 1 133160 Bilingual GHS Hazcom Training Program Kit - English/Spanish presentations - English-only handbook (hardcopy format) - Spanish-only handbook (printable PDF format) 1 132429 Additional GHS Hazcom Training Employee Handbooks (English) 5 GHS SDS Binders Complies with OSHA regulations 1.5" dia. ring holds 275-300 sheets 3" dia. ring holds 600 sheets Durable polyethylene cover, a 36" chain and a pair of sheet lifters GHS SDS Centers 20"H x 14"W x 4.5"D center offered in English and English/Spanish Includes 1.5" SDS binder, "Right To Know Compliance Center" backboard, and yellow wire rack Catalog # Description 121183 1.5" SDS Binder, English 121184 3" SDS Binder, English 121185 1.5" SDS Binder, English/Spanish 121186 3" SDS Binder, English/Spanish 121187 3" SDS Binder, English/French Catalog # Description 121370 SDS Center - English 121371 SDS Center - English/Spanish Binder Holders PVC coated steel racks designed for holding binders up to 3" ring diameter Single: 9"H x 14"W x 4.5"D Double: 9"H x 14"W x 6.5"D Catalog # Description Color Qty. 2014 Single Binder Holder Yellow 1 2014W Single Binder Holder White 1 104791 Double Binder Holder Yellow 1 104792 Double Binder Holder White 1 Hazard Communications Training Programs OSHA has mandated that all employees covered under the 29 CFR 1910.1200 regulation were to be trained on hazard communication changes and the GHS elements by December 1, 2013. Brady has now launched two DVD-based training programs to help train new employees and provide refreshers.. 1-800-356-9951

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