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46 Laboratory Safety Brady SPC Absorbents Be prepared for spills and accidental leaks with absorbent products designed for the laboratory work area and for use around sensitive equipment. Brady SPC spill control products offer immediate absorption of biohazards and chemicals, therefore limiting your exposure to hazardous conditions. And help you meet standard OSHA and EPA CFR 1910.40, 112.261 regulations. Universal Plus Absorbents Dimpled and perforated green universal absorbent is chemically inert and ideal for aggressive fluids 3-ply construction makes it stronger, more durable and reduces lint Spill Response Plus Universal Plus Absorbents Small convenient size makes it ideal for use anywhere in your lab Chemically inert making it ideal for aggressive fluids Catalog # Type Size Qty. VendSorb Chemical Pads SRPH100 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 100 SRPH200 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 200 VendSorb Chemical Roll SRPH75P Heavy Wt.* 7.5"x50" 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Universal Plus Chemical Pads SPCUN1719 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SPCUN1113 Medium Wt. 12"x12" 200 SPCUN1113-50 Medium Wt. 12"X12" 50 SRPH200 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 200 SRPH100 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 100 Universal Plus Chemical Roll SPCUN3800 Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 SPCUN1019 Medium Wt.* 15"x150' 2 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. MRO Plus Universal Pads MRO100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 MRO300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 MRO Plus Universal Rolls MRO15P Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 MRO350DP Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Adhesive Absorbent Mat AD15100 Heavy Wt. 15"x100' 1 AD30100 Heavy Wt. 30"x100' 1 High Visibility Safety Absorbent Mat Highly absorbent for all-purpose laboratory applications Signage and an absorbent in one unique product Catalog # Type Size Qty. High Visibility Safety Pads (with print) CH100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 CH200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 MXP-C20 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 5 High Visibility Safety Pads (without print) CH1212 Medium Wt. 12"x12" 200 CH1212-50 Medium Wt. 12"x12" 50 High Visibility Safety Rolls (with print) CH303 Medium Wt.* 30"x300' 1 CH30DP Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 CH15DP Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated MRO Plus Absorbents All-purpose absorbent for water, petroleum and chemical-based fluids Perforated to help you reduce waste by using only what you need Adhesive Absorbent Mat Adheres to any surface, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls Removes without leaving any residue HAZWIK SOCs & Pillows Socs easily mold around spills, while pillows are ideal for extra protection during packaging and transport Catalog # Type Size Qty. HAZ124 SOC 3"x12' 4 HAZ412 SOC 3"x4' 12 HAZ1818 Pillow 18"x18" 16 HAZ1818-2 Pillow 18"x18" 8 HAZ99 Pillow 9"x9" 32

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