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5 Laboratory Overview Labels designed and sized for a variety of sample types Brady offers labeling solutions from printers, software, labels and scanners to complete your laboratory ID process. Try Brady Labels with a Free Sample Pack Brady Solutions for Today's Leading Labs Brady is trusted throughout the industry for reliable, first-rate identification and chain of custody tracking systems. Whether you work in microbiology, histology, genetic research or other areas of science, Brady labeling solutions can help you maintain good laboratory practices. Easy-to- use printers and software that save valuable time during training and printing processes Continuous and die cut labels that match existing sizes of vials, slides, well plates and more Printed labels that remain legible throughout sample processing and storage Label materials that endure freezer storage, liquid nitrogen, autoclave, hot water baths and solvents including Xylene, DMSO and Ethanol Label software and printers that allow bar coding for extensive information storage on even the smallest samples Seamless integration with your Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) Materials designed to withstand extreme lab conditions - without smearing, fading or falling off Label printers, software & tracking systems Don't get stuck! Get labels that stick. Brady's labels are designed for harsh lab environments - test them for yourself! To request your sample pack, visit: 1-800-356-9951

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