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6 Laboratory Printers Printer Solutions Your laboratory's labeling solution starts by ensuring clear and readable print. Brady has a selection of high performance printers for on-site and on-demand label creation When it comes to lab labeling, you need to get the job done right with an easy-to-use printer and durable label materials. Brady offers a variety of reliable printers with a wide range of materials to create custom labels labels on-site and on-demand for lab applications such as cryo tubes, tissue cassettes, slides and more. Use the following recommendation guide to help determine which Brady printer best aligns with your on-demand labeling needs. Did you know? 1 and 3 core Brady labels may be used with many non-Brady industry printers. Don't have a Brady printer? You can still take advantage of Brady's high performance labels with other industry printers. Brady carries a wide variety of 1" and 3" core laboratory labels that are also compatibile in many of the industry's thermal transfer printers. Speak to our Lab Product Specialists 800-356-9951 or visit Portable printers offer easy on-the-go printing for up to 500 labels per day. Benchtop label printers offer more robust features and print capabilities from 1000 up to 5000 labels per day.

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