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36 Devices EZ Panel Loc Accessories Circuit Breaker Lockout SNAP-ON For use on Square D NQO and other breakers that have a hole in the switch tongue. Just align pins with hole and snap closed. Pins prevent switch from being thrown. CLAMP-ON For use on breakers that do not have a hole in the switch tongue. Turn thumbscrew to clamp lockout securely onto switch, then snap the cover closed to prevent thumbwheel from being loosened. How EZ Panel Loc System Works 1. Expose the super-bond adhesive on back of rail. Permanently affix to any location on the panel. 2. Attach the lockout device to the breaker and snap into locked position. 3. Pass plastic key through lock rail and attach lock, preventing key from sliding down cable and opening lockout device. 5. Low-profile lockouts allow panel doors to be closed on most breaker panels. 4. For group lockouts, run key through multiple loops in lock rail and apply locks. No hasps required! (Not recommended for use with multilock hasps) Covers Most 120V - 277V Breakers! The EZ Panel Loc System comes in two different styles, accommodating an exceptionally wide range of breaker models. Lockout device is unlocked by inserting and turning the black plastic key. EZ Panel Loc System Works on wide range of breakers, including single- and multi-pole configurations Can be used with most padlocks by making use of unique lock rail system Allows panel door to be closed even when lockouts are in place Accommodates multiple locks, facilitating group lockout activity without hasps Keeps weight off the breakers, protecting delicate electrical components from damage Positions locks and tags outside the panel, making sure lockout activity is clearly visible to anyone in the area Patent No. 6,727,441 (Not recommended for use with multilock hasps) Technical Information Lockout devices constructed of high-impact Isoplast polymers Cables are 2-ft. in length Lock rails made of durable isoplast polymers with acrylic adhesive backing Lock rails available in 4" or 8" lengths (with 7 or 15 lock loops) Spacing Gasket For low profile panels, gasket pushes out the panel frame adding an additional 3/8" of clearance between the panel and the door Easy install with self-adhesive backing Dimensions: 3/8"D x 1"W x 15'L Outer Dimensions (in.) Switch Clearance (in.) A B C D E Snap-On Style 0.90" 1.88" 0.74" 0.40" 0.35" Clamp-On Style 0.95" 2.56" 0.74" 0.35" 0.42" Catalog # Description 89256 EZ Panel Loc Spacing Gasket Description 1 Per Pkg 6 Per Pkg Snap-On Lockout Device 51252 65815 Clamp-On Lockout Device 51254 65810 4" Lock Rail 51256 65814 8" Lock Rail 51258 51260

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