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40 Devices Electrical Lockouts & Tools Emergency Stop Safety Covers Permanently install over push/pull or twist-release emergency stops Durable metal bar locks button in the depressed (off) position when lock shackle is inserted Fuse Lockout Device Unique locking mechanism prevents device from being accidentally removed from fuse block Available in two sizes for most commonly used fuses Fuse Blockout Device Use small blockout device to fit fuses 1/4", 9/32", 13/32" & 9/16" in size Use large blockout to fit 13/16", 11/16" & blade type fuses AC Sensor Selected by OSHA Electrical Technical Equipment Committee as the only instrument of its type for use by OSHA compliance officers to identify and cite electrical hazards of 50-1000 volts AC CAT IV rated and UL Listed Patent #5,103,165 Safe-T-Grip Fuse Pullers Provides maximum convenience when removing or replacing cartridge fuses Notched handles for non-slip grip Clearly marked amperage ranges Exceeds MIL specifications Universal Fuse Lockout Designed to prevent the un-intended re-energization of an energy source through a fuse. Easy to use device fits most fuse holders between 20 and 400 amps Dimensions: 1.38"H x 0.59"W x 2.36"D Push Button and E-Stop Safety Covers Temporarily prevent access to the ON/OFF and emergency stop buttons Universal fit for IEC & NEMA buttons Features one-time installation of low profile base and removable, transparent covers which allow view of button position while cover installed Hinged eyelet accepts safety locks Each base supplied with 1 yellow label, 1 red label and adhesive attachment Catalog # Type PBL6 Push Button Safety Cover - NEMA 30.5 mm PBL8 Push Button Safety Cover - IEC 22.5 mm Catalog # Description Qty. 65750 Fuse Lockout size 13/32" 6 65751 Fuse Lockout size 9/16" 6 Catalog # Description Qty. 65690 Small Fuse Blockout 6 65691 Large Fuse Blockout 6 Catalog # Description 65269 AC Sensor Catalog # Type PBL2 Emergency Stop Cover - NEMA 30.5 mm PBL4 Emergency Stop Cover - IEC 22.5 mm Catalog # Description 65279 5" long Fuse Puller for 9/32"-1/2" dia. fuses 65280 7-1/2" long Fuse Puller for 0-100A, 250V & 600V Catalog # Description Qty. 873367 Universal Fuse Lockout - Red 1 Catalog # Base Description Cover Description Qty. 134018 Small Base (16mm button) Red Cover - Short 1 130819 Small Base (16mm button) Red Cover - Tall 1 130820 Medium Base (22mm button) Red Cover - Medium 1 130821 Large Base (30mm button) Red Cover - Medium 1 139793 Small Base (16mm button) Clear Cover - Short 1 139794 Small Base (16mm button) Clear Cover - Tall 1 139795 Medium Base (22mm button) Clear Cover - Medium 1 139796 Large Base (30mm button) Clear Cover - Medium 1 130822 Extra Bases - Small (16mm button) 5 130823 Extra Bases - Medium (22mm button) 5 130824 Extra Bases - Large (30mm button) 5 Push Button Cover NEMA 30.5 mm ( PBL6 ) Emergency Stop Cover IEC 22.5mm ( PBL4 ) Push Button Cover IEC 22.5mm (PBL8) Emergency Stop Cover NEMA 30.5mm ( PBL2 ) Push Button Safety Covers 104602: Clear Lexan hinged cover completely covers button, and prevents access. White legend plate included 104603: Clear Lexan & metal hinged cover completely covers button preventing access

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