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42 Training & Procedures Lockout Training & Awareness Aids OSHA Training Requirements: Those who will perform servicing or maintenance (authorized employees) must be trained to: - Recognize hazardous energy sources and understand the energy type and magnitude - Identify and properly operate the applicable energy-isolating devices - Safely apply and remove Lockout Tagout devices Those who operate the machinery or work in the area where LOTO is performed (affected employees) must be trained to: - Recognize when Lockout Tagout activities are in progress - Understand the purpose of the energy control program and the importance of not tampering with Lockout Tagout devices when encountered in the workplace Additional training is required when using tagout instead of lockout. See Section (C)(7)(ii) in the 1910.147 standard. Employers must document when training took place, who attended, and the topics covered. Employees must be retrained under the following situations: - Employee assigned to new job - Change made to energy control policies or procedures - Machinery installed or modified, presenting a new hazard - Whenever the employer has reason to believe that there are problems with the employee's understanding or use of the procedures Authorized employees must undergo an annual review to ensure they fully understand their responsibilities under the program Lockout Tagout Handbook 16-page training booklet with quiz instructs workers how to protect themselves from hazardous energy Lockout Safety Training Booklet 16-page training booklet covers the basics of Lockout Tagout safety Wallet Safety Cards Wallet size card contains important reminders for lockout safety Prinzing Lockout Safety Poster Training poster reinforces your energy control program 18"H x 24"W, laminated on both sides Available on DVD or USB Lockout Tagout Safety Training Video: Global Best Practice Training Comprehensive training video features targeted regulatory and compliance content 5 languages included: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese Includes Instructor's Guide, Employee Quiz and 25 min video that: Clearly defines and explains Lockout Tagout Overviews compliance standards and regulations from countries around the world Outlines an effective four-step Lockout Tagout program for employers Covers important subtopics in-depth such as handling group lockout and shift changeovers Bonus Feature: 19 short installation videos on how to use some of the most common lockout devices Catalog # Description Qty. 66219 English Handbook 10 63004 Spanish Handbook 10 Catalog # Description Qty. 2112-TEN English 10 2112 English 25 2112SP-TEN Spanish 10 2112SP Spanish 25 Catalog # Description LOSP8 Lockout Safety Poster LOSP8SP Spanish-language version Catalog # Description 132426 LOTO Global Training Video DVD 132427 LOTO Global Training Video USB 833918 LOTO Global Training Video USB - European Supplies information in English, French, Dutch, German, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Polish and Russian Catalog # Description Qty. LOSC13 English Card 10 LOSC13 BI English/Spanish Card 10

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