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43 1-888-272-3946 BradyID.com/lockouttagout Training & Procedures Lockout Tagout Procedures Brady Workstation Lockout Writer Lockout Writer offers procedure templates, simple translation between set languages, easy-to-use image editing for callouts, and import capabilities from Lockout-Pro software. It also features drop down menus for navigation between hazards, energy sources and devices to help you create custom standards. In addition, it allows users to: Follow step-by-step procedure formatting to write procedures right the first time, every time Easily add photos to procedures for clear direction on lockout tasks Quickly print tags and labels by instantly pulling details from lockout procedures Brady Safety Software and Services With Brady Safety as a partner, you can create a world-class lockout program that is embedded into your safety culture. Our team offers a wide range of solutions to help you solve both your compliance and behavioral safety hurdles. Brady Safety Software and Services include: Lockout Machine Inventory Services Visual Lockout Procedure Writing Services Annual Lockout Procedure Audit Lockout Program Gap Analysis Lockout Program Development and Implementation Lockout Training Program Development Lockout Train-the-Trainer Lockout Safety Training Link360 Software To learn more about these services and to view additional lockout resources, visit BradySafety.com/solutions/lockout Try out the Lockout Writer app today! 1. Download Brady Workstation at workstation.bradyid.com 2. Add the Lockout Writer app into your workstation to start your free trial! Additional label creation apps available. Visit workstation.bradyid.com to learn more! NEW!

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