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www.BradyID.com 1-888-272-3946 3 BMP 71 Label Printer Thousands of applications. Hundreds of labels. One label printer. The most versatile portable printer in our offering. The combination of robust label material options, painless setup and an intuitive interface make this portable printer top-of-the-line. O O Prints on more than 400 label parts at 1.5" per second O O Large, full color graphical display O O Convenient handle and rechargeable battery For more information, visit www.BradyID.com/BMP71 Printers Brady has a wide range of portable and industrial printers to provide on-demand labeling solutions for the rail industry. These printers create clear and professional looking labels that can withstand even the harshest of environments. BBP 31 Sign & Label Printer Fast. Simple. Powerfully Versatile. The way label making should be. This printer makes label and sign printing easier than ever. Just walk up and print-it really is that simple. Chock-full of capabilities, the BBP 31 offers automatic label setup with no calibration and record fast material changeovers. O O Foolproof "drop-in" cartridges O O No sensor adjustment or calibration (no wasted labels) O O Prints on 13 different materials For more information, visit www.BradyID.com/BBP31 BMP 21 Label Printer Simple to operate. Quick to print. This durable thermal transfer printer creates clear, legible labels with industrial-strength staying power - even in the harshest of environments. The BMP 21 printer offers rugged construction to withstand a five foot drop. O O One-handed operation to enhance work efficiencies O O Large display with backlight for easy reading O O Prints on a variety of materials, including PermaSleeve heat shrink sleeves, continuous self-laminating material and more For more information, visit www.BradyID.com/BMP21 BBP 85 Sign & Label Printer Big, bold and better than ever. The BBP 85 Sign and Label printer allows you create multi-colored signs and labels up to 10 inches wide. With an exceptionally easy-to-use touch screen interface, this thermal transfer printer offers a fast, easy operating systems for fast, simple and accessible label design. O O Huge selection of 4 inch wide to 10 inch wide industrial grade outdoor materials O O Prints up to four colors on a single label O O More than 300 built-in symbols and hundreds of pictogram options For more information, visit www.BradyID.com/BBP85

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