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2013 Brady Worldwide Inc. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED USA Customer Service: 1-888-272-3946 Inside Sales: 1-888-311-0775 www.BradyID.com Canada Customer Service: 1-800-263-6179 www.BradyCanada.ca Mexico 1-800-262-7777 Inside Sales: 1-800-262-7777 ext 177 www.BradyLatinAmerica.com Absorbents Brady's SPC absorbents and spill containment products help keep your employees and work environment safe from unexpected spills, leaks, drips or other accidents. Brady's product line includes solutions for a variety of liquids, including oil, water and chemical-based spills. For more information, visit www.BradyID.com/SPC Mixed Application Spill Kits Ideal for indoor and outdoor applications. The kit provides both oily only and universal absorbents to clean both water based fluids and petroleum based spills. The kit includes pads, pillows, socs, disposable bags, loves, goggles and emergency response book. O O Multiple sizes of kits to fit the needs of consumers with different levels of spills O O Durability and absorbency of products O O Universal absorbs outdoor water, while oil only repels water for proper clean-up TrackMat Matting Absorbents Better traction. Reduces slipperiness. Safer walkways. TrackMat Matting is designed to catch drips from underneath rail cars by absorbing and containing oils, liquids and other spills. O O Extremely durable 3-ply construction O O Ideal for outdoor use, heavy foot or vehicle traffic O O Highly absorbent polypropylene core Catalog # Type Size Qty TrackMat Pads TM30 Heavy Wt. Pad 29" x 29" 30/bale TrackMat Rolls TM58 Heavy Wt. Roll 58" x 80' 1/bale Catalog # Type Qty Spill Kits SKMA-20 20 Gallon Mixed Application 1 SKMA-30 30 Gallon Mixed Application 1 SKMA-55 55 Gallon Mixed Application 1 SKMA-55W 55 Gallon Mixed Application Wheel 1 SKMA-65 65 Gallon Mixed Application 1 SKMA-65W 65 Gallon Mixed Application Wheel 1 SKMA-95 95 Gallon Mixed Application 1 SKMA-95W 95 Gallon Mixed Application Wheel 1 Absorbent Booms Clean up or contain oil spills on water. Absorbent and containment booms will soak up oil or create a barrier in holding ponds to retain waste and debris. Brady's SPC boom products are made for high absorbency and rapid deployment for speedy clean-up. O O Premium SPC booms are lint free and easy-to-handle O O Economical ENV booms feature a lint-free sleeve O O Available in universal and oil-only Catalog # Type Size Qty Oil Only Pads SPC100 Heavy Wt. Pad 15"x19" 100/bale* SPC200 Light Wt. Pad 15"x19" 200/bale* ENV100 Heavy Wt. Pad 15"x19" 100/bale* OP100 Heavy Wt. Pad 15"x19" 100/case Oil Only Rolls ENV150 Medium Wt. Roll 30"x150' 1/bale* Universal Pads GP200 Light Wt. Pad 15"x19" 200/bale MRO100 Heavy Wt. Pad 15"x19" 100/case MRO300 Medium Wt. Pad 15"x19" 100/case Universal Rolls MRO30 Heavy Wt. Roll 30"x150' 1/case Booms ENV810 ENV Boom 8"x10' 4/bale ENV510 ENV Boom 5"x10' 4/bale SPC810 SPC Boom 8"x10' 4/bale SPC510 SPC Boom 5"x10' 4/bale *SPC Oil Absorbents packaged in a blue bag. ENV Oil Absorbents packaged in a green bag.

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