Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 11 Key Business Issues

11 Key Business Issues Arc Flash Pre-Printed Die-Cut Labels (page 232) Pre-printed arc flash labels with the arc flash PPE category and a list of the required PPE, relieving the employer from having to hand-write this information. As with the check box labels, a version for both arc flash and shock hazards is available. Arc Flash Services Brady understands the importance of electrical safety as a whole and has licensed engineers who understand not only arc flash safety, but also the first hand impact of arc flash risk. We work with your team to best protect your employees based on your custom facility and program requirements. Arc Flash Risk Assessment A Brady Safety Field Engineer will complete your assessment, provide you with a detailed assessment report including your single line diagram, and install the correct arc flash labels. Arc Flash Audit Let our Brady Safety Field Engineer perform your arc flash audit and ensure your assessment is up to date and compliant. Arc Flash Safety Training This custom approach to training incorporates both the NFPA regulation and your company-specific arc flash requirements to ensure participating employees will be able to apply their knowledge to your company-specific requirements. For more info on Brady Services: Print Your Own Labels (page 380) Create and print customized arc flash labels when and where you need them with an on-demand label printer. This option avoids the time and trouble associated with handwriting many labels and it allows labels to be printed in batches as the project transitions from one area of the plant to another. It is also a quicker solution compared to selecting, ordering and waiting for pre-printed labels to arrive. Brady offers a variety of printers for Arc Flash labeling needs, each with different printing capabilities: BBP 31 Label Printer features a large intuitive touch screen for label design. It works best for arc flash applications when paired with the pre-printed OSHA/ANSI header label materials. BBP 30 Label Printer is the most cost-effective printer on this list when it comes to all-around label printing. It works best for arc flash applications when paired with the pre-printed OSHA/ ANSI header label materials. BBP 35 & BBP 37 Color Label Printers allow you to print significant volumes of multi-color safety labels, like arc flash labels, in addition to many others. Brady Arc Flash Solutions: 1-888-272-3946

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