Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 13 Key Business Issues

13 Key Business Issues Hazard Communication Helps improve the real time management of chemical products and safety data sheets MSDSonline customers use SDS from their system to create labels that are formatted with the GHS label elements and can be printed right to Brady's BBP 30, BBP 31 BBP 33, BBP 35 or BBP 37 label printers. Brady Printers Reliable label printing with a range of durable materials for specific applications or regulation requirements. Brady's Partnership with Without a comprehensive online system to save and manage SDS information, users would have to input data manually in order to print the needed chemical labels. By utilizing Brady's partnership with MSDSonline, labels can be quickly populated and printed - saving you time and ensuring information is input correctly onto the label. Brady Workstation GHS App (page 448) Creating GHS labels is now surprisingly simple. We've streamlined the process so you can easily enter the data from your SDS sheets once, then create and print any size GHS label at any time. Need Bi-lingual labels? Those are also supported in the app. Print Your Own Labels (page 380) Create and print customized GHS labels when and where you need them with an on-demand label printer. Many of our featured GHS label printers have an easy-to-use touchscreen interface and built-in GHS label creation applications that make creating GHS labels simple. With multi-color and mono-color print options you can find the label printer best suits your needs: Benchtop Printers BBP 30 Label Printer BBP 31 Sign & Label Printer BBP 33 Label Printer BBP 35 & BBP 37 Color Label Printers BBP 85 Sign & Label Printer Pre-Printed GHS Pictograms (page 206) Printing your own GHS labels but can't get the pictograms you need? Grab a roll of Brady's pre-printed GHS pictogram labels. These are a great way to supplement mono-color label printers without investing in a brand new label printing system. 1-888-272-3946 GHS Training Kit (page 212) Looking to implement or sustain your GHS training program? Make sure you have the right materials for the job. Our training kit features videos, instructor's guide, employee quizzes, PowerPoint presentations and employee handbooks. Brady GHS Solutions:

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