Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 15 Key Business Issues

15 Key Business Issues Slips / Trips / Falls Absorbents & Mats / Rugs (page 470) 2017 ISHN Readers' Choice Award Winner! BrightSorb safety absorbents address spills, drips and leaks that can lead to slip hazards in addition to having a printed safety message printed right on the product in order to warn employees and visitors of potential spill areas. Additionally, our absorbent products extend out to mats and rugs allowing you to address foot traffic that may bring snow, water or ice into your workplace. Floor Marking Tape (page 289) Make your facility cleaner, more efficient, more visual and safer with ToughStripe floor marking tape. This tape will help you identify aisle ways, tripping hazardous, storage areas and more. Ladder & Scaffold Tags (page 246) Our scaffold tags comply with OSHA's regulations and will help warn employees when scaffolding is not safe. It will indicate if scaffolding is being taken down or has been found defective. Safety Signs (page 28) Slip, trip and floor obstacle hazard signs will allow you to bring awareness to potential dangers in your facility such as, spills, ice, uneven floors and more. These signs will provide a permanent visual warning in areas where slips, trips and falls hazards are more likely to happen. Anti-Slip Tape & Cleats (page 296) Anti-slip tape and cleats help protect your employees from accidental slips, trips and falls by providing additional traction. Printed anti-skid products are designed for just about any surface and can signal a visual warning. Floor Stands (page 302) Similar to safety signs, floor stands provide a strong visual that can be temporarily placed to identify potential slip, trip and fall hazards. By placing the sign on, over or in the way of the hazard, you can naturally create awareness and even divert foot traffic from entering potentially dangerous areas Brady Slips / Trips / Falls Solutions: 1-888-272-3946

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