Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 17 Key Business Issues

17 Key Business Issues Leaks, Drips & Spills BrightSorb Absorbents (page 470) 2017 ISHN Readers' Choice Award Winner! BrightSorb high visibility safety absorbents address spills, drips and leaks and feature printed safety messaging and bright coloring to warn of the presence of safety hazards and possible slip, trip and fall risks. BrightSorb absorbents are available in a variety of styles including pads, rolls, SOCs, pillows and entire spill kits. MRO Plus & Oil Plus Pads (page 460) Brady SPC's #1 absorbents are perfect for general everyday use and emergency spill clean up. Both feature 3-ply (MMM) meltblown polypropylene construction which increases durability and reduces linting. Gray MRO Plus has universal absorbency which handles most fluids (water, petroleum & chemical-based). Oil Plus has oil only absorbency for petroleum-based oils, solvents and other non-water soluble liquids and will float indefinitely even when saturated with oil. New Specialty Spill Kits (page 491) Battery Acid, Formaldehyde, Mercury and Bodily Fluids Specialty spill kits have an assortment of pads, neutralizers, granular, SOCs and the appropriate PPE to help you clean up hazardous spills such as battery acid, bodily fluids, mercury or formaldehyde. Spill Berms & Drip Pad (page 484) These collapsible secondary containment berms and pads can be used to contain spills and leaks from vehicles, machinery, tanks, drums and other industrial equipment. TOUGHSORB Adhesive Mats (page 472) New Permanent or semi-permanent adhesive backed mats adhere to surfaces to keep the absorbent in place and reduce slips, trips and falls. These mats are ideal for high traffic aisles, walkways and entryways. new SpillFix Granular (page 480) 2015 OH&S New Product of the Year Award! The new standard in loose absorbents! When a granular absorbent is necessary, reach for SpillFix granular. A completely natural granular - no carcinogens, no dust indoor; landfill and incinerator safe. SpillFix granular will not damage equipment or floors and will also absorb 4 times the liquid of traditional clay granulars. new best sellers new 1-888-272-3946 Want to try absorbents in your facility? Request a Free Sample Pack at

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