Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 18 Key Business Issues

18 Key Business Issues Voice / Data Communications Immediate identification of wires, cables and assets is essential. Faster identification of network assets in order to perform moves, adds, and changes to the network while minimizing the interruption of network services to the businesses IT serves. Identification of cables and panels specifically in areas of telecommunications, electrical, and datacomm is directly connected to performance. The ability for professionals to map a cables path across connected components is important in reducing the time taken to troubleshoot and locate networking problems. An Integrated, Seamless Solution. Brady is the only company to provide an integrated and seamless solution to assist customers with their need to identify, document, and manage their cable and network assets. Stop following a tangle of cables and easily document every aspect of the network, including horizontal and backbone cables, hardware, assets, pathways, locations, air blown fiber, data center racks, users and more. The standard specifies administration for a generic telecommunications cabling system that will support a multi-product, multi- vendor environment. It provides a uniform administration approach that is independent of applications, which may change several times throughout the life of the telecommunications infrastructure. It establishes guidelines for owners, end users, manufacturers, consultants, contractors, designers, installers and facilities administrators involved in the administration of the telecommunications infrastructure. Use of this Standard is intended to increase the value of the system owner's investment in the infrastructure by reducing the labor expense of maintaining the system, extending the useful economic life of the system and providing effective service to users. ANSI/TIA/EIA 606 Standard Summary:

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