Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 199 Traffic Signs

199 Custom Signs Customer Information Company Name: Name: Address1: Phone #: Address2: Fax #: City: State: Zip: Email: Distributor Information Distributor: Contact Name: Account: Fax #: Phone #: Additional Sign Content: DOT Class: DOT ID #: CAS #: Reach Authorization #: Internal Reference #: Chemical Manufacturer: Chemical Manufacturer Name: Chemical Manufacturer Address: Emergency Contact Phone #: Confined Space Entry Permit Required? r Yes r No Sign Specifications Sign Content Sign Material r B-120 Fiberglass r B-302 Self-Sticking r B-401 Vinyl Plastic Quantity and Size r 7" x 5" Qty. r 14" x 10" Qty. r 20" x 14" Qty. 3. Explosive 8. Gas Pressure 6. Acute Toxic 4. Flammable 1. Corrosive 9. Health 7. Oxidizing 2. Severe Toxic 5. Environmental GHS Pictograms: Located on your Safety Data Sheet, indicate pictogram number below: 1 Minimum / Maximum 4 Diamond 1: Diamond 2: Diamond 3: Diamond 4: Tank #: Chemical Name: Signal Word: (DANGER or WARNING) Hazard Statements: Located on your Safety Data Sheet, please include H-Code if available. i.e. H100 Precautionary Statements/First Aid: Located on your Safety Data Sheet, please include P-Code if available. i.e. P100 r GHS Format 1 r GHS Format 2 r GHS Format 3 NFPA Rating: Health Fire Instability Specific HMIG Rating: Health Fire Instability Specific Sign Format Protective Equipment Required Pictograms: Choose up to 6 icons. PPE 1: PPE 2: PPE 3: PPE 4: PPE 5: PPE 6: A. Safety Glasses G. Rubber Boots C. Face Shield I. Respirator E. S.C.B.A K. Boots/ Gloves B. Rubber Gloves H. Apron D. Chemical Goggles J. Chemical Suit F. Dust Mask L. Eyewash/ Shower 1-888-272-3946 Custom Tank & Vessel Signs Order Form When ordering a Custom GHS Tank & Vessel Sign from Brady, please have a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) in hand to fill in the form. The SDS, supplied from your chemical manufacturer must be up-to-date with GHS elements. All required label elements that are needed to fill this form out are found in sections 1-3 in your chemical SDS. Once complete, return this form to BradyUSAQuotes@ or fax to 1-800-292-2289.

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