Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 204 Safety Signs

204 Custom Signs Custom Sign Order Form Sign Specifications Sign Content Size and Quantity (H x W) q 3-1/2"x5" Qty. q 4"x6" Qty. q 5"x7" Qty. q 7"x10" Qty. q 9"x12" Qty. q 10"x14" Qty. q 12"x18" Qty. q 14"x20" Qty. q 18"x24" Qty. q "x " Qty. q No Header (Fill in below) Background Color: Lower Text Color: (Lower text will be black unless specified) q Pictogram # (View Previous Page For Available Pictograms) Finishing: q No Holes q 4 Corner Holes q Foam Tape q 2 Post Holes q 2 Side Holes q Other (Show placement in box) q Order q Quote q Artwork Attached Ship Via. P.O. # or Request # Draw sign layout and text in box below: Please Include The Following Three Items: 1. Header 2. Picto Placement (If applicable) 3. Finishing Hole Placement Customer Information Company Name: Name: Address1: Phone #: Address2: Fax #: City: State: Zip: Email: Distributor Information Distributor: Contact Name: Account: Fax #: Phone #: Sign Header q Sign Material q B-120 Premium Fiberglass q B-302 Self-Sticking Polyester q B-324 Self-Sticking BradyGlo q B-347 BradyGlo Plastic q B-401 Plastic q B-555 Aluminum q Other: B- ( View all sign materials on page 28 )

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