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21 Key Business Issues Food & Beverage Processing Food & Beverage Processing Facilities Food safety is often a top priority for food processors. When this goal is met with the harsh washdown environment, you are forced to decide between maintaining a high level of food safety and implementing workplace safety, continuous improvement and compliance best practices. With ToughWash wash down resistant metal detectable signs, labels and tags, you no longer have to choose between food safety and a visually instructive workplace. You can confidently implement best practice solutions for workplace safety, compliance and continuous improvement while maintaining a strong food safety program. Workplace Safety: In the food processing industry, safety hazards are around every corner. Whether it's slippery floors, chemical exposure, pinch points or industrial machinery maintenance, safety challenges are a constant presence. However, concerns for food safety within harsh wash down environments prevent many food processors from properly identifying hazards on the processing floor. Compliance: Government agencies and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) programs require food processors to have protocols and procedures in place for sanitation, critical control points, operating procedures and more. As a result of the environment, food processors previously had to minimize signage on the production floor to ensure food safety. That means that protocols and procedures had to reside in binders on office shelves far away from the processing floor, where employees could seldom read them. Continuous Improvement: The pressure to increase margins and improve yield continues to intensify with escalating costs of food commodities, energy and labor. In addition, product recalls and rework resulting from mix-ups on the processing floor can cost millions of dollars. While a visual work environment can lead to a more efficient and productive workplace, food processors would often forego the use of visuals due to the food safety risk created by visuals in a wash down environment. 1. ToughWash Labels and Printer Systems Wash down resistant, metal detectable labels stand up to harsh processing environments so you can create a safer, more productive visual work environment without compromising food safety. 2. ToughWash Signs and Tags Wash down resistant, metal detectable encapsulated plastic signs and tags stand up to harsh processing environments so you can create a safer, more productive visual work environment with visual lockout procedures, sanitary operating procedures, critical control point procedures, inspection tags and more. 3. Lockout/Tagout Solutions Visual lockout procedure writing services, lockout devices, and metal detectable VLOP placards & lockout tags create a best practice solution to ensure workplace safety for employees who disassemble machines for sanitation and maintenance. Brady's Top Solutions For Food Processors 1-888-272-3946

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