Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 21 Key Business Issues

21 Key Business Issues Voice / Data Communications Wrap-around Equipment Labels Self-Laminating Patch Panels Sleeves Flags / Tags Brady's Voice / Data Comm Labeling Solution 1. Label Printers (page 312) 2. Label Materials (page 312) 3. Software new Brady portable label printers are essential tools for technicians in the voice and datacomm industry. These printers are easy to use, have a wide range of available label materials and built in apps for creating wire and cable labels onsite and on-demand. NEW: BMP 61 Label Printer (page 334) Brady's newest portable label printer was specifically designed for quick and efficient identification of wires, cables and component. This rugged printer supports hundreds of label materials and prints on a range of die-cut and continuous materials up to 2" wide. Compare all voice & datacomm portable printers on page 312. BMP 71 Label Printer BMP 51 Label Printer BMP 41 Label Printer BMP 21-PLUS Label Printer Brady label materials are made to withstand industrial environments and are available in a variety of sizes, colors and material types. Not only can you make standard safety and component labels, but also specialty labels for voice and datacom applications such as wire wraps, self-laminating vinyl labels, heat shrink wire marking sleeves, cable tags, panel component labels, terminal block labels and more! Brady Workstation Wire ID Suite (page 448) For creating wire and cable labels, the Brady Workstation Wire Identification Suite includes the right mix of Brady Workstation apps. It allows you to easily create single line labels, labels with wrapping text, and the serialization and importing of data without having to worry about alignment. If you are labeling or wrapping wires and cables, this is the suite for you! Suite includes the following apps: Advanced Import Advanced Sequence Batch Print Excel Import Flip Flop Manage Files Print Partner Sequence Template Editor Text Labels Label Settings NetDoc Cable Management Software (page 453) NetDoc Cable Management Software allows you to easily document your cable infrastructure so you know what cables you have, where they are located and what they are connected to. A Microsoft Excel import tool speeds data transfer into the software improving efficiency and reducing manual data entry. User friendly input features drastically reduce data entry time. BMP71 BMP61 NEW! BMP51 BMP41 BMP21-Plus new 1-888-272-3946

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