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212 Safety & Regulatory Safety Information Centers Standard Right To Know Center Acrylic board can hold up to 100 booklets and a MSDS binder Includes our 1-1/2" binder and 10 training booklets Center size: 30"H x 24"W x 4-1/2"D MSDS Metal Cabinet Wall mountable cabinet made of 20 gauge powder coated steel Front panel pulls down to reveal a guide to Haz-Mat labels Equipped center includes: 2 - 2-1/2" MSDS Binders (2024) 25 - Right To Know training booklets (2101) 1 - Binder training insert (BR801B) Cabinet size: 22-1/2"H x 26-1/2"W x 6"D MSDS Training Binder Insert This detailed binder insert package contains: OSHA Haz-Com Standard highlights and overview of program requirements Compliance checklist Two 15 page RTK training booklets, Mini RTK poster (Spanish/English) 50 clear sheet protectors A-Z index tabs Binders sold separately Lockout Procedure Station Durable polystyrene board includes pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware Backboard dimensions: 20"H x 14"W x 4.5"D Bloodborne Pathogen Compliance Center Wall mount display includes a 1-1/2" binder that holds up to 300 pages of your exposure control plans (not included) Center size: 20"H x 14"W x 4-1/2"D Binder Holders PVC coated steel racks designed for holding binders up to 3" ring diameter Single: 9"H x 14"W x 4.5"D Double: 9"H x 14"W x 6.5"D Suggestion Box Wall or table mount black acrylic box w/ a lockable top & side pocket Box: 12"H x 11-3/4"W x 4-3/4"D Pocket: 5"H x 4"W x 13/8"D Top drop slot: 9" W MSDS/Job Site Safety Document Center Table top or wall mount center holds one 3-ring binder in a weather resistant and lockable polystyrene case Size: 13-1/2"H x 13-1/2"W x 4-3/4"D There's more online! Visit to view more Safety & Regulatory products to keep you're employees safe and to stay in compliance. Catalog # Description 2001 Standard Right to Know Center 2012 Board Only 2002 Bilingual version* *includes 5 English booklets, 5 Spanish booklets and a bilingual binder Catalog # Description RK623E MSDS Metal Cabinet Catalog # Description BR801B Binder Insert Catalog # Description BH2010 Bloodborne Pathogen Center BH2023 Exposure Control Binder only Catalog # Description LOSP22 Station With Binder & 25 Forms 99289 Lockout Procedure Station With Binder Only LOSB1 Lockout Procedure Binder Only Catalog # Description MC111E Suggestion Box Catalog # Description JS1 MSDS/Job Site Center Catalog # Description Color Qty. 2014 Single Binder Holder Yellow 1 2014W Single Binder Holder White 1 104791 Double Binder Holder Yellow 1 104792 Double Binder Holder White 1

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