Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 230 Pre-Printed Labels

230 Labels Arc Flash Labels Arc Flash Labeling Who's Responsible for Labeling? What Needs to be Labeled? Where should the label be placed? Incident energy & corresponding working distance Min. arc rating of clothes Arc flash boundary Site specific PPE Header Shock hazard information Arc Flash and Shock Hazard Appropriate PPE Required FLASH PROTECTION SHOCK PROTECTION Incident Energy at: 18 in Shock Risk When Cover is Removed 480 VAC Min. Arc Rating: 0.45 cal/cm^ 2 Limited Approach 42 in Arc Flash Boundary: 10 in Restricted Approach 12 in Glove Class: 00 Bus Name: PNL_P-5 Prot Dev: 100/3 BS-18 LAB PNL PPE: Shirt & pants or coverall, Nonmelting (ASTM F1506) or Untreated Fiber) + hard hat + safety glasses + hearing protection What Needs to Appear on the Label? Learn more with our free Arc Flash eBoo at:

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