Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 242 Valve Talks

242 Valve Tags Custom Valve Tags STAINLESS STEEL (B-919) Durable .025" stainless steel tags. Pre-stamped tags may be black filled for easier readability. Equipment tags (which may include a bar code) are surface coated with ink and then engraved. Available in round or square shapes in either 1-1/2" or 2" sizes. Withstands temperatures of 2700 F Stamping, engraving or etching options available 3-PLY ENGRAVED (B-1) A 1/16" rigid laminate plastic is heat resistant, non-conductive, non- corroding. Tag text engraved through a colored cap sheet to a contrasting colored base sheet Multiple background colors available Round sizes: 1-1/2" or 2" Square sizes: 0.75"x2.5", 1"x2.5", 1"x3", 2"x3", 1.5"x4", 2"x4" Hole size: 3/16" POLYESTER (B-851) Grommeted heavy duty polyester tags withstand moisture, grease and dirt. Rigid polyester surface exceeds OSHA 50 lb. pull out requirement Polyester tags withstand moisture, grease and dirt Standard colors include red, yellow, blue, green and white Ability to add barcodes and multiple lines Polyurethane Valve Tags (B-462) Chemical and oil resistant; ideal for harsh environments Made of multi-purpose polyurethane that is heat stamped with the numbering or lettering of your choice. HS02 CWR 686 CW29 HTG 712 Style 1 Style 3 Style 2 Style 4 Custom Valve Tags (continued) Contact Brady Customer Service to order custom valve tags in any of the durable materials shown here. Style 1: Tag size 3/4" x 2-5/8". Four 1/2" Characters making 1 line of text. Style 3: Tag size 2-3/16" x 2". Four 1/2" Characters making in 1 line of text. Style 4: Tag size 3" x 3-3/8". Five 1/2" Characters making 3 lines of text, or three 1" Characters 2 lines of text. Style 2: Tag size 3" x 3". Five 1/2" Characters making 3 lines of text, or three 1" Characters making 2 lines

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