Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 25 Safety Signs

Safety Signs Safety & Facility Signs 25 Increase Comprehension through Pictograms As immigration rates increase and demographics evolve, it is essential to communicate messages across many different cultural backgrounds. Everyone within the facility should be able to understand the message being communicated. Pictograms provide a universal way to communicate warnings to all employees and visitors, regardless of language or demographic and can provide a better understanding of hazards. Pictograms provide an easy to understand alternative to multi-lingual signs, which can often be difficult to read. Examples of standard ISO pictograms are below: 3. Choosing Your Sign: Use Visual Intuitive Pictograms The size and letter height used on your sign makes a difference in the readability and clarity of your message. 9.2.2 Overall size of the lettering The overall size of the lettering shall be determined by the distance from which the sign can be safely and easily read. The message should be concise as practical. Letters shall be adequately spaced and not crowded. 9.2.3 Minimum letter height Minimum letter height shall be one unit in height for every 150 units of safe viewing distance from the hazard alerting device for signal words and one unit in height for every 300 units viewing distance for the majority of other words contained on the word message panel. The safe viewing distance must be determined for each specific case where a safety sign is needed. The message panel text shall meet the legibility criteria at the determined safe viewing distance. Viewing Distance <4' 5' 8' 10' 15' 20' 30' 40' 60' 80' 100' 125' 150' 200' In Favorable Reading Conditions Minimum Height is: 0.16" * 0.24" 0.32" 0.40" 0.60" 0.80" 1.20" 1.60" 2.40" 3.20" 4.00" 5.00" 6.00" 8.00" In Unfavorable Reading Conditions Recommended Letter Height is: 0.33" 0.50" 0.66" 0.83" 1.27" 1.68" 2.51" 3.36" 5.04" 6.72" 8.40" 10.49" 12.58" 16.79" *0.16 inch (0.4 cm) type is the suggested minimum type size for use on environmental/facility safety signs. Safety Sign Letter Height (ANSI Z535.2-2011) 1-888-272-3946

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