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25 Safety Signs Each sample pack includes 3-1/2" x 5" material samples of some of Brady's best selling material including: Premium Fiberglass Fiberglass Aluminum Plastic Polyester Vinyl Still Not Sure Which Material To Use? Request a Free Sample Pack! Safety Signs Selection Guide Material Type Description Protected Graphics For Outdoor Use Average Outdoor Durability Chemical Resistance Abrasion Resistance Max. Temp Thickness (in.) Flexible Sign Materials Adhesive B-302 High Performance Polyester 5 8 yrs Excellent Excellent 230 F (100C) .006-.010" Adhesive B-324 BradyGlo Photoluminescent Polyester - Good 176F (80C) .008" Adhesive B-485 Polyester Film 5 - Good 122F (50C) .011" Adhesive B-523 Photoluminescent Polyester Film with Aggressive Adhesive - Good 176F (80C) .0096" Adhesive B-534 Polyester Floor Sign with Anti-Skid Tread 5 - Good 130F (54C) .011" Adhesive B-808 BradyGlo Anti-Slip Polyester Floor Sign 5 - Good 158F (70C) .017" Adhesive B-819 Anti-Slip Vinyl Floor Sign 5 - Good 158F (70C) .012" Adhesive B-928 Write-On Vinyl with Cold Temp Adhesive - 5 2 yrs Good 176F (80C) .005" Adhesive B-946 Self-Sticking Vinyl - 5 10 yrs Fair Good 180F (82C) .004" Adhesive B-984 Photoluminescent Polyester Film - Good 176F (80C) .013" Adhesive B-997 Bradylite Reflective Vinyl - 5 4-6 yrs Good 200F (93C) .007" Non-Adhesive B-101 Polycoated Tagstock - Good 158F (70C) .010" Non-Adhesive B-586 Eco-Friendly Paperboard - Good 175F (80C) .060" Non-Adhesive B-811 Magnetic Vinyl - 5 2-4 yrs Good 158F (70C) .025" Rigid Sign Materials Metal B-555 Aluminum 5 8 yrs Excellent Excellent 230F (110C) .040-.090" Metal B-959 Reflective Aluminum - 5 4-8 yrs Good 175F (80C) .040-.080" Metal B-986 Photoluminescent Polyester Film on Aluminum - Good 175F (80C) .049" Metal B-995 Diamond-Grade Reflective Aluminum - 5 7 yrs Good Good 212F (100C) .097" Fiberglass B-120 Premium Fiberglass 5 25 yrs Excellent Excellent 193F (90C) .100" Fiberglass B-140 Polyester on Fiberglass 5 8 yrs Excellent Excellent 175F (79C) .070" Fiberglass B-320 Sub Surface Printed Lexan on Fiberglass 5 8 yrs Good 175F (79C) .07" Fiberglass B-382 Sub Surface Printed Polycarbonate on Fiberglass 5 8 yrs Good 175F (79C) .090" Plastic B-1 Thermoset Plastic - 5 8 yrs Good 193F (89C) .062" Plastic B-347 BradyGlo Phosphorescent Polyester on Polystyrene - Good 175F (79C) .068" Plastic B-355 BradyGlo Steel Encased Photoluminescent Plastic -- - Good 122F (50C) .250" Plastic B-401 Polystyrene Plastic 5 5 yrs Good 175F (79C) .060" Plastic B-450 Polyethylene Plastic - Good 180F (82C) .055" Plastic B-493 Plastic V-Shaped Signs - 5 2 yrs Good 193F (90C) .100" Plastic B-563 Eco-Friendly Plastic (70% Post Consumer Waste) - 5 5 yrs Good 185F (85C) .055" Plastic B-793 Polystyrene - 5 1-3 yrs Poor Good 165F (74C) Plastic B-836 Temporary Sign Fluted Polypropylene - 5 1 yr Good 130F (54C) .156" Plastic B-985 Photoluminescent Polyester Film on Polystyrene - Good 175F (80C) .069" Sign Material Guide Brady offers a sign material for virtually every application. Whether the sign is used indoors or outdoors, in mild or harsh environments, we have the material to match your application. Select the right sign for your application dependent upon the factors listed in the table below. 1-888-272-3946

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