Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 26 Safety Signs

Safety Signs Safety & Facility Signs 26 It is important that your sign will communicate the safety message to all of your employees, customers and the general public. The sign should be clear, concise and placed in a highly visible location. Placement of the sign is a key aspect in transmitting your message. Keep the following tips in mind when placing your safety sign. Signs must be clear, visible and unobstructed. Signs must be placed to alert and inform employees of hazards. They should have sufficient time to avoid the hazard and take appropriate action. Lighting, maintenance and storage should be considered during the placement process to make sure the sign can be clearly illuminated. Inspect, maintain and keep signs clean to ensure they are in good condition and in the appropriate location. Signs should not be placed in moveable areas or near areas that could obstruct sign visibility. If the message is no longer relevant or the hazard ceases to exist, the sign should be removed as soon as possible. 4. Choosing Your Sign: Location, Location, Location

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