Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 260 Pipe Markers

260 Pipe Markers Pipe Marker Accessories Blank HPHV Carrier Ideal for marking custom markers on the spot Fiberglass carrier is blank (no label) and comes with two clips for installation Sized to accommodate the largest ASME (ANSI) equirements, 4.25" x 32" Quik-Apply Nylon Straps Standard fastener for Quik-Apply pipe marker sizes Q1-Q4 Can be used with a variety of tags including valve and lockout/tagouts For larger outer diameters, use BradyLock Fasteners Stainless Steel Wire 32 mil stainless steel safety wire to be used with wire twister pliers. Stainless Steel Strapping Type 316 Stainless Steel Strapping is highly corrosion and heat resistant Ideal for HPHV pipe markers, HEET Tags or for your own purpose Continuous form requires separate stainless steel heads for uses other than HPHV pipe marker installation (sold separately) Stainless Steel Banding Heads Use with Continuous Strapping to create secure closures Stainless steel heads fit 1/4" strapping (sold separately) Heavy-Duty Mounting Clips For use with HPHV pipe markers Bradylock Fastener Self-locking heavy duty plastic fastener for Strap-On Markers Excellent chemical resistance Tape Strip Rolls Use to re-secure wrap-around pipe markers should they become damaged need to be moved Custom Pipe Markers Contact Brady to create a custom pipe marking solution for your facility. Catalog # Description Qty. 59918 Blank HPHV Carrier 1 Catalog # Outside Dia. Strap Length 91165 1" 6" 91166 2" 7" Catalog # Description Length 15424 Stainless Steel Safety Wire 1800 ft Catalog # Description 42331 1/4" x 100' steel strapping 42332 1/4" x 250' steel strapping Catalog # Description Qty. 90910 Type 316 Stainless Steel 100 Catalog # Description 59946 2" x 30 yards Tape Strip Roll Catalog # Description 41772 1/2" x 150' Bradylock Fastener Catalog # Description Qty. 42335 Heavy Duty Clip 1

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