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Lean / Visual Workplace 262 Lean / Visual Workplace FREE Downloads Pocket-sized reference book contains 50 tried-and-true visuals that can help your lean facility Download at: Visual Workplace Visual Workplace - also known as Visual Factory or Visual Management - is a lean concept that emphasizes putting critical information at the point of use. Companies that incorporate lean visuals throughout their facility are proven to have higher productivity, reduced waste, and improved safety. Visuals are also essential to sustaining the success of your lean manufacturing initiatives. They reinforce the standards you put in place, and help your staff and employees detect abnormalities at a glance. Create your own visuals on-demand with Brady's printing solutions Brady software and printing systems are essential tools for implementing a visual workplace, making it easy for you to create a limitless variety of visual displays and controls. 3 Tried-and-True Visuals: 1. Color coded shadow boards Are your tools hard to find, causing wasted time between shift changes? Shadow boards have clear, instructive visuals to store tools and equipment at the point of need. By just glancing at the board, workers can tell that each tool is in the right place. 2. Storage locations Border lines (e.g. striping or border marking tapes) delineate the space allocated and make it easy to identify when something is missing. But by themselves, they can't ensure that the correct items will be returned to their proper place. That's why you also need labels: a label for the border area and one for the object itself. 3. Emergency egress markings Your facility should have emergency egress markings to help people safely exit in the event of an emergency. According to IBC/ IFC regulations, exits and exit access doors must be marked with approved exit signs. Egress pathways and stairwells should also have glow-in-the-dark markings to facilitate safe exits in dark "lights out" conditions. Portable Printers View page 288 Benchtop Printers View page 346 Label Creation Software View page 408 75% of learning is done through visuals. Find out how to create an effective visual workplace. Download at: S i

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