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265 Lean / Visual Workplace ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape B-514 Toughstripe Floor Marking Polyester ToughStripe products are ideal for marking aisles, passageways and storage locations, and pointing out important safety equipment and egress paths. Exceeds safety standards for clean, dry non-slip surfaces per ANSI A1264.2-2006 and OSHA 1910.22 2mm thickness and service temperature range of 0F - 129F Resists harsh chemicals Toughstripe Overlaminate Tape Highly durable overlaminate Easy to apply, easy to remove Want More Information On Floor Marking? Download the free 5S Floor Marking Color Reference Guide to learn how strategic floor marking can stabilize operations and sustain improvements. Color guidelines for marking aisles, equipment areas, & safety hazards How-to tips for visually delineating work areas and pathways Best practices for identifying designated storage locations for materials, products tools and equipment Visit to download now. ToughStripe Floor Marking Tape The most durable adhesive-based floor marking solution on the market! Test-proven to withstand forklift traffic better than the leading competitors Easy application system makes laying smooth, straight lines a one-person job High gloss surface looks great and cleans up easily with common cleanser Comes in a variety of colors and shapes, including prespaced dashes and dots Also available as floor signs and as label media for use in Brady label printers ToughStripe material also runs through Brady GlobalMark 2 & BMP 71 printers, allowing you to create durable floor labels onsite and on demand! See next page for more information on Brady label printers. Toolboard & Workbench Marking Supplies Self-adhesive vinyl sheets and tapes designed for use on tool boards, work benches, storage shelves and other non-floor surfaces. Stick securely to a wide range of surface types Won't peel, crack or fade when exposed to common cleansers, solvents or sunlight For more information on Brady's visual workplace solutions visit: Quickly create tool shadows to exact size and shape using Brady's shadow vinyl Create durable rectangular borders using Brady marking tape and corner marks ToughStr ripe e Fl Floo or Marking The most du ur rabl ble le a adh dhes sive-based flo Test-proven to o with hs sta tand d fork rklift traffic bette Easy applicatio on sy ys ste em m make kes laying smoo High gloss surfa ace lo loo ook ks g great t and cleans u Comes in a varie ety of of c co olor rs an nd shapes, inc Also available as fl floor r s sig gns s and d as label med ToughStripe material also runs t s throu oug ugh h B Brady y GlobalM create durable floor labels onsite a and o on n de eman nd! See next page for more informati tion o o on n Bra rady label pr Toolboard & Workbench Ma ark kin ng S Supp Self-adhesive vinyl sheets and tapes d desig ig gne ed f for u use on storage shelves and other non-floor su urface ce es. Stick securely to a wide range of surface ce typ pe pes s Won't peel, crack or fade when exposed d to co co om mmo on cle leanse For more info nformati rmation on Br n Br Brady' ady's ady's visual s visual workplac workplace solutions visit: it: ww www.Brad ww.BradyID c dyID c radyID.c com/v om/visua om/visual m/visualw m/visualwor sualwork ualwork orkplac place. Quickly create tool l sha ad dow ows s to e exa Brady's shadow vin w vinyl Create dur reate durable rectan e rectang ectangula gular r b border ers t tape and corn nd corn orner m er marks r marks Government Regulations & Industry Standards While several OSHA regulations dictate that permanent aisles and passageways must be clearly marked, there are no current government-mandated or even widely accepted industry standards that proscribe what colors to use when marking floors. Some suppliers inappropriately reference the ANSI Z535.1 Safety Color Code standard as a guide for selecting colors for floor marking. Earlier versions of the standard did include color specifications for specific types of safety hazards and equipment.* However, the specifications were removed from the 2002 edition of the standard and no longer represent ANSI recommended best practices. Moreover, Section 4.2 of the standard explicitly states that the specifications are intended for use on safety signage. Thus Z535.1 does not provide a sound basis for formulating a color standard for floor marking. Some information resources also reference OSHA standard 29 CFR 1910.144, Safety Color Code For Marking Physical Hazards. However, these specifications are extremely limited in scope. The standard simply states that red should be used to identify fire protection equipment, emergency stop devices, and containers holding dangerous materials. Yellow should be used for marking physical hazards such as striking against, stumbling, falling, tripping and caught-in-between hazards. Again, the standard is not designed to provide guidance on color usage when marking floors. Brady Color Recommendations For Floor Marking The following recommendations comply with the OSHA 1910.144 standard noted above, but go further to provide a comprehensive color scheme that helps to visually delineate work areas and pathways, as well as to identify at a glance designated storage locations for materials, product, tools and equipment. The color scheme intentionally limits the number of colors to promote easy learning and memorization. It can be modified as needed in order to suit the specific operational priorities, processes and characteristics of individual facilities. 1 ANSI Z535.1-1998 makes the following recommendations relating to color usage in safety signage. These specifications have been omitted from more recent updates of the standard and no longer represent ANSI recommended best practices. Safety Red: for identifying danger and stop (examples: flammable liquid containers, emergency stop buttons, fire protection equipment). Safety Orange: for identifying intermediate level (warning) hazards and hazardous parts of machinery (examples: machine parts which may cause cut, crush or other injuries, moving parts such as gears, pulleys and chains). Safety Yellow: for identifying caution (examples: physical hazards such as tripping, falling, striking against and caught-in-between hazards, storage cabinets for flammable or combustible materials, containers for corrosives or other unstable materials). Safety Green: used for identifying emergency egress and first aid or safety equipment such as safety deluge showers, gas masks, and stretchers. Safety Blue: for identifying safety information used on informational signs and bulletin boards; also has specific applications in the railroad area to designate warnings against the starting, use of, or movement of equipment that is under repair or being worked on. Safety Black, White and Yellow, or combinations thereof, shall be used to designate traffic or housekeeping markings. 5S Floor Marking Color Standard Solid Colored ToughStripe Tape 2" x 100' 3" x 100' 4" x 100' Black 104310 104340 104370 White 104311 104341 104371 Red 104313 104343 104373 Green 104315 104345 104375 Blue 104314 104344 104374 Orange 104316 104346 104376 Yellow 104312 104342 104372 Purple 134086 134087 134088 Brown 134089 134090 134091 Grey 134092 134093 134094 Striped ToughStripe Tape 2" x 100' 3" x 100' 4" x 100' Blk/Ylw Striped 104317 104347 104377 Blk/Wht Striped 104319 104349 104379 Blk/Org Striped 132433 132434 132435 Rd/Wht Striped 104318 104348 104378 Rd/Ylw Striped 132430 132431 132432 Grn/Wht Striped 132436 132437 132438 Ylw/Blu Striped 132439 132440 132441 Checkered ToughStripe Tape 2" x 100' 3" x 100' 4" x 100' Blk/Wht Checkered 121913 121914 121915 Rd/Wht Checkered 121916 121917 121918 Overlaminate Tape Catalog # Description Size 142134 Overlaminate 1" x 50' 142135 Overlaminate 2" x 50' 142136 Overlaminate 1.125" x 100 142137 Overlaminate 2.250" x 100' 142138 Overlaminate 3" x 100' 142139 Overlaminate 4" x 100' 1-888-272-3946

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