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279 Lean / Visual Workplace Visual Workplace Foundations Training Kit A comprehensive foundation in core visual workplace concepts, principles, and tools for both novices and experts Produced by Dr. Gwendolyn D. Galsworth, PhD Covers visual techniques and best practices that are critical to any lean, 5S or kaizen initiative See 150 examples and listen to actual users insights and experiences Kit Contents: 6 DVD Set (4 modules + overview) 2-CD Audio Set includes additional coaching for managers and trainers 1 Handbook (230 pages with 200+ photos) 1 Tote Bag Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking Book Written by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, PhD, this book positions workplace visuality as a powerful partner on your company's lean journey. Provides concepts, principles, frameworks, and models for creating a fully-functioning visual enterprise through visual workplace technologies: Visual Order, Visual Standards, Visual Displays, Visual Metrics, Visual Problem Solving, Visual Controls, Visual Pull Systems, and Visual Guarantees (poka yoke devices). 200+ pages, with 200 full-color photographs and 50 charts. Lean Machines for World- Class Manufacturing & Maintenance Written by Robert M. Williamson Explains how visual systems can be applied to simplify the interactions between people and machines Learn how visual controls improve equipment performance, simplify routine maintenance, plus reduce equipment training time Work That Makes Sense Book At last, a book that explains workplace visuality as a comprehensive strategy for eliminating abnormalities, sustaining lean gains, and aligning and unifying the work culture. Written by Dr. Gwendolyn Galsworth, PhD, Work That Makes Sense is a complement to her Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking book which shows you how to implement, coach, support, and sustain visual inventiveness on the operator-level. Visual Systems Presentation CD-Rom Companion to Lean Machines book Powerpoint slides provide access to the many different full-color examples of visual systems referenced in the book Handout materials and facilitator's notes can also be printed from the CD-ROM for use in the classroom Visual Workplace Training Over 30,000 products now at your fingertips. Visit the new, your online resource for: Full Product Offerings Product Info & Literature Product Demos Creat Custom Products e-Learning Training Courses Whitepapers Webinars And so much more! Catalog # Description 113238 Complete Training Kit 113240 2-CD Audio Set 113239 1 Associate Handbook 113244 1st DVD: Basics of Visual Thinking Catalog # Description 113242 Lean Machines Book Catalog # Description 113241 Visual Workplace, Visual Thinking Book Catalog # Description 142132 Work That Makes Sense Book Catalog # Description 113243 Visual Systems Presentation CD 1-888-272-3946

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