Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 280 Security

280 Security Metal Ball Seals Stock Metal Ball Seals are supplied with consecutive numbering (factory chooses starting number) and the word "SEALED" already embossed Choose from seals with or without a rolled edges to help prevent accidental cuts Cable Lock Seals Heavy steel seals have a steel head with 6 serialized numbers for inventory or tracking Seals have imprinted letters STN Factory chooses the starting number Stock Plastic Truck Seals Deters entry, yet easily removed Tamper-resistant truck seals are embossed with the wording "Sealed" and are consecutively numbered Ships in mats of ten for convenience and better accountability - 100 seals total in package. Padlock Plastic Seals Tamper evident and corrosion resistant Seals made of durable polypropylene and available with stainless steel wire hasps Seal body will blush if tampered with Seals are heat stamped with seven- digit sequential number that are factory specified Standard seals are stamped "SEAL" Metal Seals 12" wire with pre-fitted lead seals fit easily around pipes or valves Use with Hand Sealing Press Hand Sealing Press Quickly and permanently crimp your lead seals with Brady's own hand sealer. Catalog # Description Qty. 95197 Metal Ball Seals 100 95198 Rolled Edge Metal Ball Seals 100 Catalog # Description Tensile Strength Qty. 95166 12" x 1/16" 480 lbs. 100 95167 12" x 3/32" 800 lbs. 100 Catalog # Size Color Qty. 95193 7-1/2" Blue 100 95195 7-1/2" Red 100 95196 7-1/2" Yellow 100 133487 7-1/2" Green 100 133488 7-1/2" Orange 100 Catalog # Material Size Qty. 23301 Copper 12" length 31 gauge 7/16" dia. 250 23302 Monel Lead 12" length 31 gauge 7/16" dia. 250 Catalog # Material Qty. 23300 Hand Sealing Press 1 Catalog # Color Qty. 95168 Black 100/pk* 95174 White 100/pk* 95173 Red 100/pk* 95172 Orange 100/pk* 95170 Gray 100/pk* 95171 Green 100/pk* 95169 Blue 100/pk* 95175 Yellow 100/pk* * Minimum order: 5pks

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