Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 280 Pipe Markers

280 Pipe Markers High Performance Pipe Markers B-689 Wrap-Around High Performance Pipe Markers PVF overlaminated polyester construction seals in and protects graphics Markers resist abrasion, chemicals, high humidity and outdoor weathering Pre-coiled for easy wrap-around installation on pipe up to 7-7/8" in diameter B-681/B-883 High Performance, High Visibility (HPHV) Markers Ideal for pipes 8" and larger in diameter Overlaminated graphics are factory applied to a fiberglass plastic carrier Easy strap-on installation of fiberglass plastic carrier Includes two Heavy-Duty Mounting Clips that apply to pipe using Continuous Stainless Steel Strapping (sold separately) Wrap-Around Marker Styles & Size Chart Style Code Outside Dia. Letter Height Marker Size Style: 0 1/2" to 1-3/8" 1/2" 8" x 5" (uncoiled) Style: I 1-1/2" to 2-3/8" 3/4" 9" x 8" (uncoiled) Style: II 2-1/2" to 7-7/8" 1-1/4" 26" x 12" (uncoiled) HPHV Marker Style & Size Chart Style Code Outside Dia. Letter Height Marker Size Style: HPHV 8" or larger 3-1/2" 4" x 24" Spare carriers, mounting clips and steel strapping available on page 283. High Performance Marker Legends Adhesive lip seals marker to itself after installation. Legend Color Style O Style I Style II Style HPHV (Blank) Blue 5600-O 5600-I 5600-II - (Blank) Green 5601-O 5601-I 5601-II - (Blank) Red 5602-O 5602-I 5602-II - (Blank) Yellow 5603-O 5603-I 5603-II - 120# Steam Yellow 5613-O 5613-I 5613-II 5613-HPHV 150# Steam Yellow 5614-O 5614-I 5614-II - 2# Fuel Oil Yellow 5693-O 5693-I 5693-II 5693-HPHV 200# Steam Yellow 5617-O 5617-I 5617-II 5617-HPHV 35# Steam Yellow 5607-O 5607-I 5607-II - 400# Steam Yellow 5619-O 5619-I 5619-II - 6# Fuel Oil Yellow 5694-O 5694-I 5694-II 5694-HPHV 60# Steam Yellow 5609-O 5609-I 5609-II - Abandoned Yellow 5622-O 5622-I 5622-II 5622-HPHV Acid Orange 5796-O 5796-I 5796-II 5796-HPHV Acid Yellow 5624-O 5624-I 5624-II 5624-HPHV Air Blue 5625-O 5625-I 5625-II - Ammonia Orange 5797-O 5797-I 5797-II 5797-HPHV Anhydrous Yellow 5631-O 5631-I 5631-II 5631-HPHV Anhydrous Ammonia Yellow 5631-O 5631-I 5631-II 5631-HPHV Asbestos Free Insulation Blue 5632-O 5632-I 5632-II 5632-HPHV Black Liquor Orange 5798-O 5798-I 5798-II 5798-HPHV Black Liquor Yellow 5634-O 5634-I 5634-II 5634-HPHV Bleached Stock Orange 5799-O 5799-I 5799-II 5799-HPHV Boiler Blow Down Green 5800-O 5800-I 5800-II 5800-HPHV Boiler Blowdown Yellow 5636-O 5636-I 5636-II 5636-HPHV Boiler Blowdown Yellow 5636-O 5636-I 5636-II 5636-HPHV Boiler Feed Water Green 5801-O 5801-I 5801-II 5801-HPHV Boiler Feed Water Yellow 5637-O 5637-I 5637-II 5637-HPHV BOP Control Yellow - - 131058 - Brine Green 5804-O 5804-I 5804-II 5804-HPHV Brine Orange 5802-O 5802-I 5802-II 5802-HPHV Carbon Dioxide Brown 5805-O 5805-I 5805-II 5805-HPHV Caustic Orange 5806-O 5806-I 5806-II 5806-HPHV Caustic Yellow 5643-O 5643-I 5643-II 5643-HPHV Legend Color Style O Style I Style II Style HPHV Caustic Soda Orange 5807-O 5807-I 5807-II 5807-HPHV Chemical Feed Orange 5808-O 5808-I 5808-II 5808-HPHV Chemical Feed Yellow 5645-O 5645-I 5645-II 5645-HPHV Chilled Water Green 5646-O 5646-I 5646-II - Chilled Water Return Green 5647-O 5647-I 5647-II 5647-HPHV Chilled Water Supply Green 5648-O 5648-I 5648-II 5648-HPHV Chlorine Orange 5809-O 5809-I 5809-II 5809-HPHV Chlorine Dioxide Gas Brown 5811-O 5811-I 5811-II 5811-HPHV Chlorine Dioxide Liquid Brown 5812-O 5812-I 5812-II 5812-HPHV Chlorine Gas Brown 5810-O 5810-I 5810-II 5810-HPHV Chlorine Water Green 5813-O 5813-I 5813-II 5813-HPHV Chlorine Water Yellow 5653-O 5653-I 5653-II 5653-HPHV Circulating Water Green 5654-O 5654-I 5654-II 5654-HPHV City Water Green 5655-O 5655-I 5655-II 5655-HPHV Cold Water Green 5658-O 5658-I 5658-II 5658-HPHV Cold Water Return Green 80548 80549 80550 80551 Compressed Air Blue 5660-O 5660-I 5660-II 5660-HPHV Compressed Air Yellow 5661-O 5661-I 5661-II - Condensate Yellow 5662-O 5662-I 5662-II 5662-HPHV Condensate Drain Green 5663-O 5663-I 5663-II 5663-HPHV Condensate Return Yellow 5664-O 5664-I 5664-II 5664-HPHV Condenser Water Return Green 5665-O 5665-I 5665-II 5665-HPHV Cooling Water Green 5668-O 5668-I 5668-II 5668-HPHV Deionized Water Green 5671-O 5671-I 5671-II 5671-HPHV Demin. Water Blue 5814-O 5814-I 5814-II 5814-HPHV Demin. Water Green 5672-O 5672-I 5672-II 5672-HPHV Domestic Cold Water Green 5673-O 5673-I 5673-II 5673-HPHV Domestic Hot Water Green 5815-O 5815-I 5815-II 5815-HPHV Domestic Hot Water Yellow 5675-O 5675-I 5675-II 5675-HPHV Domestic Hot Water Return Green 5816-O 5816-I 5816-II 5816-HPHV Domestic Hot Water Return Yellow 5676-O 5676-I 5676-II 5676-HPHV

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