Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 286 Facility Marking Tape

286 Facility Marking Tape Create a Visual Workplace with Facility & Floor Marking Tapes Visual Workplace is a lean concept that emphasizes putting critical information at the point of use. Companies that incorporate lean visuals throughout their facility are proven to have higher productivity, reduced waste, and improved safety. Visuals can be something as simple as a line, shape or color band - whatever employees can understand at a glance. Or visuals can include signs, labels, displays and more. Free Download: 50 Lean Visuals 50 examples of visuals that increase productivity and improve safety. Free Download: Create A Visual Workplace Find out how to create an effective visual workplace. Floor Marking & Anti-Slip Tapes Floor Tapes help you identify egress pathways, perimeters and safely guide traffic through your facility. These tapes are available for aisle and floor marking in Anti-Slip, glow- in-the-dark and polyester materials. Facility Marking & Warning Tape Facility ID tapes can help you identify areas and processes, as well as keep the workplace organized. Brady tapes are important for maintenance, emergencies, organization and safety. Facility ID tapes are great for 5S lean management and pipe marking. Barricades, Caution & Flagging Tapes Barricade tapes are a great solution to mark off areas of your facility and property. Barricade flags are also available and can also be used to block off or color-code an area. Marking flags can also be used to identify buried cables and lines. Lean Manufacturing can lead to a 40% INCREASE in productivity. Learn more with our FREE Guides at: Did You Know?

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