Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 29 Safety Signs

Safety Signs Safety & Facility Signs 29 B-401 Plastic Rigid Flexible B-120 Premium Fiberglass (FB) Most durable, will not chip, fade, rust, shatter or peel for up to 25 years Graphics protected under fiberglass layer Excellent chemical and abrasion resistance Ideal for outdoor and harsh environments B-555 Aluminum (AL) Durable for indoor and outdoor usage Uses UV inks and UV clear coat protection for fade resistance Withstands wind, rain, sunlight and high temperatures 5-8 year outdoor life Used for parking, building and informational signs B-401 Plastic (PL) Cost-effective durable polystyrene Ideal for directional, informational, department and safety sign applications Conforms to well-curved surfaces Up to 5 year outdoor life B-120 Premium Fiberglass B-555 Aluminum B-302 Self-Sticking Polyester B-946 Self-Sticking Vinyl B-302 Self-Sticking Polyester (SS) Withstands wide temperature variations (up to 230F) Protected graphics holds up to repeated spills and cleanings Good for machine/equipment labels Permanent adhesive Up to 8 year outdoor life B-946 Self-Sticking Durable Vinyl (SSV) High gloss vinyl printed with UV resistant inks Permanent cold temp acrylic adhesive Good for outdoor applications on curved sufaces Fair chemical and abrasion resistance Durable, provides up to 10 years outdoor life. Most Popular Sign Materials 1-888-272-3946

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