Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 302 Facility Marking Tape

302 Facility Marking Tape Reversible Floor Stands Reversible signs contain two legends, to change legend simply detach at the bottom and flip over Lightweight corrugated polypropylene material makes it portable and easy to handle 12" x 20" when closed Floor Stands Made of durable polystyrene plastic Printing appears on both panels Heavy Duty Floor Stands Alert employees and visitors of potential floor hazards Made of heavy-duty polypropylene Wording appears on both panels 92284 92286 92281 92285 92282 92283 92288 92289 Catalog # Legend Size 47243 Caution Tripping Hazard 12"x20" 47239 Danger Persons Working Above 12"x20" 47251 Notice Restroom Closed For Cleaning 12"x20" Catalog # Legend Height 104808 Blank 24.5" 104810 Caution 24.5" 104811 Closed 24.5" 104809 Wet Floor 24.5"

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