Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 303 Facility Marking Tape

303 Facility Marking Tape Bradystake Warning Stakes Bradystake Warning Stakes are ideal for outdoor marking applications Rugged and flexible stakes bend, not break, if accidentally run over with a vehicle Stakes are available in highly visible standard APWA colors and reflective stripes so the are easy to see. Their durable graphics are ideal for harsh environments and because they are flat on both sides you get two-way readability. Stakes are six times lighter than conventional signs and posts, so installation is easy and shipping costs are greatly reduced. Bradystake Warning Stakes Rugged and flexible reinforced polymer Stakes available with pointed end to help drive stake into ground Blank stakes with no sign assembly Bradystake Anchors Anchors catch soil around the stake adding extra stability when used in loose or sandy soil Resilient, long-lasting spring steel withstands outdoor conditions Can be custom ordered to be applied to stakes at the factory allowing for quick field installation Prior to staking After staking Bradystake Labels B-302 self-sticking polyester suitable for outdoor use 1" blank area at bottom accommodates a company label with contact info Labels can also be custom ordered with your own legend Tensabarrier Barricades 40" post with 14" dia. (26lbs) base Pull-out belt is 7.5' long Tensabarrier Signs Made of durable plexiglass 11" x 7" sign feature white letters on black background Safety Mirrors Impact-resistant plastic mirrors improve visibility and safety by providing a wide or field of vision Mounting hardware included Convex Half Dome Catalog # Color Color Size Stakes with Pointed End 96950 Pointed End Orange 3.75" x 66" 96951 Pointed End Yellow 3.75" x 66" 96952 Pointed End Blue 3.75" x 66" 96953 Pointed End Green 3.75" x 66" 96954 Pointed End White 3.75" x 66" 96955 Pointed End Red 3.75" x 66" Stakes with Square End 96920 Square End Orange 3.75" x 66" 96921 Square End Yellow 3.75" x 66" Reflective Stakes (Striped) 96922 Reflective Org/Wht 3.75" x 66" 96923 Reflective Blk/Ylw 3.75" x 66" Catalog # Legend Qty 97084 Bradystake Anchors 1 Catalog # Legend Size 85406 Caution Gas Pipeline 14" x 3" 85551 Warning Natural Gas Pipeline 14" x 3" Catalog # Legend 80125 Post w/ Black/White Stripe Belt 80127 Post w/ Black/Yellow "CAUTION-DO NOT ENTER" Belt 58413 Wall-mount End Catalog # Legend 80129 Please Wait Here For Next Available Teller 80130 Please Wait Here For Next Available Clerk 80131 Please Wait Here For Next Available Agent Catalog # Description Size Qty. 86340 Outdoor Convex 26" 1 86341 Indoor Convex 18" 1 86344 Full Dome 360 48" 1 86342 Half Dome 180 18" 1 86343 Quarter Dome 90 18" 1 1-888-272-3946

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