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325 BMP51 Portable Printers BMP 51 Label Maker BMP 53 Printer Owners: The BMP 53 printer has been discontinued, but Brady continues to manufacture and stock label cartridges for use with your BMP53 printer. View the following pages for available label cartridges. new Networking Options The BMP 51 printer connects to your PC via the included USB cable. To avoid use of a physical cable, optional field-installable network cards are also available: 1. Download Brady Workstation at 2. Fill your workstation with individual apps or an entire suite. 3. Save time by quickly designing labels and printing to your printer. No print drivers needed! Free 30 Day Trial! Brady Workstation Apps Brady has revolutionized its label creation software by now offering apps specific to your projects. Once the free Brady Workstation is installed on your PC, you can then download a variety of free or paid labeling apps including Custom Label Designer App, Text Label App and more. No print drivers needed! Recommended: Wire Identification Suite 12 Apps Designed For Wire & Cable Marking Applications For creating wire and cable labels, the Wire Identification Suite includes the right mix of Brady Workstation apps. It allows you to easily create single line labels, labels with wrapping text, and the serialization and importing of data without having to worry about alignment. If you are labeling or wrapping wires and cables, this is the suite for you! Apps included: Advanced Import, Advanced Sequence, Batch Print, Excel Import, Flip Flop, Manage Files, Print Partner, Sequence, Template Editor, Text Labels, Label Settings. For more information on all apps, view page 448. Included USB Cable Brady Mobile Apps: For Printing On-The-Go We understand that you don't always have your PC with you to design labels. That's why we also offer two Brady Workstation Mobile Apps to enable you to quickly design labels on any iOS device, Android smartphone or Windows tablet and print those labels with your BMP 51 printer.* *Brady WiFi network card required to connect printer to mobile device. Brady Workstation Mobile Text Labels enables you to design professional text-only labels on the spot with your mobile device. Brady Workstation Mobile Print Partner enables you to complete pre-defined fields with your mobile device using protected company label templates. Use Brady Workstation on a computer to create your own template and then open the template on your mobile device within the Brady Workstation Mobile Print Partner app from either a local disk (SD-card) or a cloud location, like Google Drive. WiFi Only Card Required if printing from Mobile Apps (Catalog#: NET-WIFI) Ethernet Only Card (Catalog#: NET-LAN) 1-888-272-3946

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