Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 355 Portable Printers

355 BMP 61 / TLS2200 Materials BMP61 / TLS2200 Portable Printers BMP 61 Ribbon Compatibility Using the correct material and ribbon pair is critical in creating durable, long-lasting and smear-proof print. Use the following guide to determine which BMP61 ribbon part is best suited for the label material you are using. M61-R4410-BL (Blue) B-# Material M61-R4310 (Black) M61-R6010 (Black) M61-R6210 (Black) M61-R6410 (Black) M61-R6610 (Black) M61-R4410-WT (White) M61-R6710-WT (White) M61-R6810-WT (White) M61-R4410-RD (Red) M61-R4410-BL (Blue) B-109 Polyethylene Tag l B-145 Polyethylene l B-145FR Polyethylene l s B-321 Polyolefin l B-342 PermaSleeve Polyolefin l s B-344 PermaSleeve Polyolefin l s B-345 PermaSleeve High Temp l B-351 Destructible Vinyl l l s B-352, B-362 Destructible Vinyl l B-390 DuraSleeve Polypropylene l s l B-412 Polypropylene Tag l B-422, B-423 Polyester l s s B-424 Paper l B-425 Polypropylene l B-427 Self-laminating Vinyl l B-428 Polyester l B-430 Polyester l l s s s B-432 Polyester l s s B-435, B-459 Polyester l B-437 Self-Extinguishing Tedlar l B-439 Vinyl l s s B-461 Self-laminating Polyester l B-473, B-483 Polyester l B-486, B-488, B-489 Polyester l B-490 FreezerBondz Polyester l B-498 Vinyl Cloth l s s l B-499 Nylon Cloth l B-593 Polyester - GPREP l s s B-642 Self-Extinguishing Tedlar l B-717, B-718, B-719, B-727 Polyimide l B-724 Polyimide l B-7351 Void Print Vinyl l B-7546 Void Print Polyester l B-7551-CL Polyester l B-7576 Void Print Polyester l B-7593 Polyethylene - EPREP l s B-7597 Polyethylene l B-7599-YL Polyethylene Tag l B-7643 Thermoplastic Polyether Polyurethane l B-7696 Vinyl Tag l l B-8425 Polypropylene l 1-888-272-3946 View for TDS sheets on ribbon performance specifications. Note: Colored ribbon choice dependent upon material color. l Recommended ribbon for use with respective material s Acceptable ribbon for use with respective material

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