Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 380 Benchtop Printers

380 Benchtop Printers Look what GlobalMark can do for you... RTK Chemical Labels Multiple Print Colors Equipment I.D. Valve Tags Pipe Markers a(1/2" to 4") Cut Out Shapes & Text Get the message right...and get it out now with the GlobalMark 2 Industrial Label Maker. Exactly the message you need, when you need it. When you need a sign or label, you need it now - you don't want to wait a day or a week for a custom order. With the GlobalMark 2 Industrial Label Maker Wizards, just touch, print, and get the message you need - right now - with built-in templates and graphics, Your Complete Printing Solution: GlobalMark 2 Label Rolls ..........Page 380 GlobalMark 2 Print Ribbons .......Page 389 MULTI COLOR COLOR CUT Easy, versatile, customized signs & labels. With built-in templates, graphics, and applications, you can quickly and easily create pipe markers, safety signs, hazardous labels, tags, equipment and warehouse marking, and more. You can even create custom templates! The features you need at your fingertips: English, Spanish, French Languages Built In Print Size .08" to 3.8" 5 Fonts Built In Bar Codes 128, 39 and Int. 2 of 5 Built In Tape Widths 1/2" to 4" Clear Label Preview Before Printing Sharp 300 DPI Print Resolution Large Color Touch Screen Full Size Keyboard XY Axis Plotter/Cutter on Color & Cut Model - Die cuts 0.08" to 3.8" Compact Flash Memory Card Port Touch-and-Drag Editing Stand-Alone Operation or PC-Connect Operation Prints the same color options as the Color & Cut system, including the optional MarkWare software enhancements, without the additional built-in plotter cutter Choose from 2 GlobalMark models that meet all your labeling requirements Prints in one color, multiple spot colors, blended colors and full process color Additional built-in plotter cutter for cutting out characters, text, shapes and multi-up labels With optional MarkWare label making software, import and print full color logos, artwork, even photographs Self-contained Print Ribbon snaps in Drop-in Tapes View Online! Visit for more information on the GlobalMark 2 Industrial Label Maker. GlobalMark 2 Industrial Label Maker

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