Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 390 Benchtop Printers

390 Benchtop Printers B30 & B33 Series Materials B30 Series BBP37 Cutter Compatibility Label materials with a Scissors Icon can be used with the BBP37 Printer's XY-Plotter Cutter to cut out shapes and text 0.75" or taller. B30 & B33 Series Material Supplies Specifically designed for use in the BBP 30, BBP 31, BBP 33, BBP 35 and BBP 37 Printers. The following pages contain label materials that have been specifically designed to use with several Brady Printers. Look for printer compatibility within each table to ensure you find the labels compatible for your application and printer combination. 3 Reasons Why Brady Is The Leader in Labeling Easy Drop-In Labels & Ribbons Removes guesswork & never upside down Changeovers in 20-seconds saves you time No complicated threading or wrapping around printheads or spindles The Printer Knows What You Loaded Printer reads smart chip on label rolls and ribbons loaded Automatically sets size and color in the printer and software No need to manually enter dimensions or scroll through endless screens to find your size Labels That Last Brady labels are reliable and durable because we design them in-house, then rigorously test them Nothing leaves our doors without meeting our high standards Some last up to 10 years outdoors; stick to rough surfaces or smooth; dirty surfaces or clean; in harsh conditions or normal conditions. With reliability like that, you'll only need to make these labels once Smart Chip Auto Populates: Label Size Label Color Pre-Printed Headers

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