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4 Key Business Issues Visual Workplace & Lean Manufacturing Visual Workplace Visual Workplace is a lean concept that emphasizes putting critical information at the point of use for improved efficiency and safety. Visual systems and devices play a critical role in many of the most popular lean tools, including: 5S, Standard Work, Total Productive Maintenance, Quick Changeover and Kanban (Pull Production). Free Download: 50 Lean Visuals 50 examples of visuals that increase productivity and improve safety. Free Download: Create A Visual Workplace Find out how to create an effective visual workplace. Did You Know? View Visual Workplace Tapes on page 296 What are the Benefits of Visual Workplace? REDUCE WASTE: Waste is often caused by information gaps - employees simply not knowing the best way to get the job done. Instead, time is wasted searching, waiting, retrieving and doing rework. Did you know? Waste accounts for 95% of all costs in non-lean manufacturing environments. ENHANCE KNOWLEDGE: An effective visual workplace tells employees exactly what procedural and safety information they need to know, and when and where they need to know it. Did you know? 75% of knowledge is gained through visuals, 13% through hearing and 12% through smell, touch and taste. IMPROVE PRODUCTIVITY: When visuals help to make processes more efficient, reduce equipment downtime, keep employees safe and facilities more organized, then operations overall become more productive Did you know? Lean Manufacturing can lead to a 40% increase in productivity. What Info Should Be Posted? Any critical information should be embedded right where your employees work - on equipment, shelves and floor surfaces. When this information is available "at a glance," it is clearly visible to employees, readily understood and can be consistently adhered to. Lean Manufacturing can lead to a 40% INCREASE in productivity. Learn more with our FREE Guides at:

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