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404 Software Brady Workstation A Desktop App Solution for Labeling & Safety Identification Brady has revolutionized the way you create labels on your PC with the new Brady Workstation and its apps that are specific to the projects you want to execute. It's built to be simple - just pick the apps you need and get the job done fast. After downloading the Brady Workstation to your PC, you fill your workstation with a variety of Brady labeling apps such as the Express Signs app, Pipe Marker app, Custom Designer app, Lockout Writer app, GHS Labels app and more. These apps feature built in regulations and standards to help you create sign and labels to keep your facility compliant and safe. In addition, building your own signs, pipe markers, lockout procedures and labels with ease gives you time to spare for your other projects. FREE Apps! Get the Free App Today! Visit to download the program and choose from several apps, including Express Signs app, Pipe Marker app, Custom Designer app and Lockout Writer app. Apps are made to work for you. Pictograms, common phrases, data importing, guidance and help functions are all baked right into the apps from the start. That means making labels that are fully compliant with the latest safety regulation is a breeze, whether you're a seasoned expert or just getting started. 1. Download Brady Workstation at 2. Fill the workstation with the apps you want and leave out the ones you don't. 3. Save time by quickly designing labels and printing them on your BBP 31, BBP 33, BBP 85 and GlobalMark 2 printers. Download your desired apps. Create custom labels. Send the label to your printer. Build your own signs and labels with ease.

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