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405 Software Brady Workstation Brady Workstation Apps There are several label creation apps within Brady Workstation to fit a wide variety of applications. Don't need all of the apps? No problem! Once Brady Workstation is downloaded to your PC, you can choose which apps you want and leave out the ones you don't. Most of the apps are free, while others are paid with the option of a 14-day free trial. MarkWare Facility Identification Software with GHS / CLP Label Module Save time and costs and by creating custom safety signs for your facility with MarkWare Software. Use your PC to quickly design professional looking signs and labels and print directly to a Brady labeling system. Includes 18 pre-formatted GHS label layouts and approved symbols User selects approved pre-worded GHS hazard statements and GHS symbols Pre-formatted templates make sign and label creation quick and easy Import logos and photos or create bar codes using 15 different symbologies Link label contents to information stored in spreadsheets and databases MarkWare Lean Tools Facility Identification Software Includes all of the features and functionality of MarkWare standard software, plus tools to support and sustain your lean transformation. Post critical information at the point of use when implementing 5S, Total Productive Maintenance, Standard Work, Kanban, or other lean concepts. MarkWare Facility Identification Software is still available: Express Signs app Create your signs in no time - simply pick a template, enter your info and it's ready in minutes. Don't like the layouts? Adjust them. Don't worry, we won't make you redo your work. Custom Designer app Design anything you can imagine in this app. Start with a blank canvas to create a label or sign that meets your unique needs. Add barcodes or QR codes, import data from Excel and more! Pipe Marker app Easily comply with the latest pipe marking standard, ANSI/ ASME 13.1 2007. This app allows you to create the customized pipe markers you need, then save them to use again whenever you want more. Arrow Tape app Beyond creating a pipe marker, you need to know what direction the pipe contents are flowing. With this app, create a strip of repeated arrows or icons to wrap around your pipe and show content direction. Lockout Writer app Quickly create compliant lockout/tagout labels. This app includes procedure printing templates, simple translations, easy-to-use image editing for callouts, and import capabilities from Lockout-Pro software. GHS Labels app Creating GHS labels is now amazingly simple. Enter your SDS data one time, and you can create any size label and print it at any time. More apps to come! Additional apps will be released throughout the year, so check back on for updates. Already a MarkWare Software user and want the GHS / CLP Module? Upgrade your current MarkWare by visiting and going to "Software Downloads". For more information, visit 1-888-272-3946

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