Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 412 Absorbents & Spill Control

412 Absorbents and Spill Control 412 View full product specs on page 432. Universal All-Purpose Absorbents All-purpose absorbents for indoor use. These all-purpose absorbents clean-up oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluids anywhere in your facility. Around machinery, under leaky pipes or fittings, in messy traffic areas, for general maintenance projects - they are your first choice for indoor spill control. Plus, their gray color masks spills and stains - helping you resist the urge to pick up the absorbent before it's fully saturated. Looking for added cost savings? Perforated absorbents encourage you to use only what you need. BattleMat Absorbents Ideal for areas with moderate foot traffic or as single use absorbents Camouflaged pattern hides absorbent stains reducing urge to dispose too early Universal 2-ply construction with a durable, abrasion-resistant upper layer MRO Plus Absorbents All-purpose maintenance absorbent 3-ply (MMM) Meltblown Polypropylene increases durability and reduces lint UXT - "Xtra Tough" Extra tough absorbents are abrasion resistant and low linting - perfect to wipe down tools and machinery Universal Meltblown Polypropylene 3-ply (SMS) construction with spunbond coverstock on both sides GP - "General Purpose" MAXX Technology improves adsorption without the extra weight Economical, single-ply general purpose absorbent Universal Meltblown Polypropylene HT - "High Traffic" Built for durability and high absorbency in "high traffic" areas Universal Meltblown Polypropylene 2-ply (SM) construction with spunbond coverstock Basic Universal Economical, single-ply all-purpose absorbent Universal Meltblown Polypropylene Perforated to reduce waste and dimpled for added durability Common Liquids Absorbed: Coolants & Solvents Gasoline & Oil Latex paint And other water- based fluids Universal Absorbents Catalog # Type Size Qty. BattleMat Pads BM100 Heavy Wt. 15"x19" 100 BattleMat Rolls BM30 Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 BM30X Heavy Wt. 30"x150' 1 BM15 Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. UXT Pads UXT100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 UXT300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 UXT200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 UXT Rolls UXT15P Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 UXT30DP Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. HT Pads HT200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 HT500 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 100 HT Rolls HT30 Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 HT555 Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 HT15 Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 HT550 Heavy Wt.* 15"x50' 1 HT303 Medium Wt.* 30"x300' 1 HT303X Medium Wt.* 30"x300' 1 HT350 Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 HT153 Medium Wt.* 15"x300' 1 HT230 Light Wt.* 30"x300' 1 HT215 Light Wt.* 15"x300' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. MRO Plus Pads MRO50 Heavy Wt.* 30"x30" 50 MRO150DND Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 150 MRO100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 MRO100-2 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 50 MRO300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 MRO Plus Rolls MRO30-DP Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 MRO30P Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 MRO30 Heavy Wt. 30"x150' 1 MRO24-DP Heavy Wt.* 24"x150' 1 MRO15-DP Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 MRO15P Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 MRO15 Heavy Wt. 15"x150' 1 MRO15-DPS Heavy Wt.* 15"x73' 1 MRO12P Heavy Wt.* 12"x150' 1 MRO350-DP Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 MRO350 Medium Wt. 30"x150' 1 MRO315P Medium Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated *MRO150DND has Dispense-n-Dispose System Catalog # Type Size Qty. GP Pads GP100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 GP100-B Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 GP300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 GP200-B Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 GP500 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 100 MXU1000 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 100 GP Rolls GP30 Heavy Wt. 30"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Basic Universal Pads BPU100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x17" 100 BPU200 Light Wt.* 15"x17" 200 BPU500 Light Wt.* 15"x17" 100 Basic Universal Rolls BRU150 Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 BRU152 Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 2 * Perforated

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