Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 414 Absorbents & Spill Control

414 Absorbents and Spill Control 414 View full product specs on page 432. Oil Only Absorbents Oil Only Absorbents Oil absorbing and water repellent. Specialized for oil and other petroleum-based spills, oil only pads and rolls will not absorb water and will float indefinitely. These absorbents are unaffected by temperature and impervious to rot and mildew. Ideal for outside use, Brady SPC's oil only products are equally effective in soaking up petroleum-based solvents and paints, vegetable oils and other non-water soluble oil-based fluids. Looking for added cost savings? Select a perforated option that allows you to use only what you need. SXT Oil Absorbents Dimpled absorbent with spunbond coverstock provides added durability with very low linting 3-ply (MMM) Meltblown Polypropylene construction Oil Plus Oil Absorbents Dimpled absorbent for general everyday use and emergency spill clean-up 3-ply (MMM) Meltblown Polypropylene construction Basic Oil Absorbents Dimpled economical single-ply absorbents - great for everyday usage Single-ply Oil Only Meltblown Polypropylene ENV Oil Absorbents Economical single-ply construction with MAXX Technology - greater performance without the added weight Contractor grade Oil Only Meltblown Polypropylene SPC Oil Absorbents Dimpled absorbent made with MAXX Technology - greater performance without the extra weight Convenient and cost-effective single-ply Oil Only Meltblown Polypropylene Static Resistant Oil Absorbents Economical single-ply absorbents treated to resist static electricity build up Meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) specifications Common Liquids Absorbed: Cutting fluids Hydraulic and brake fluids Engine oils Lubricants Cooking oils Gasoline and diesel Oil based paints and solvents And other oil- based fluids Catalog # Type Size Qty. SXT Oil Pads SXT100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SXT300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SXT200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 SXT Oil Rolls SXT30DP Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 SXT15P Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Oil Plus Pads OP50 Heavy Wt.* 30"x30" 50 OP150DND Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 150 OP100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 OP300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 Oil Plus Rolls OP30-DP Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 OP30P Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 OP30 Heavy Wt. 30"x150' 1 OP15-DP Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 OP15P Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 OP15 Heavy Wt. 15"x150' 1 OP15-DPS Heavy Wt.* 15"x73' 1 OP550 Heavy Wt.* 15"x50' 1 OP350-DP Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 OP315P Medium Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated *OP150DND has Dispense-n-Dispose System Catalog # Type Size Qty. SPC Oil Pads SPC50 Heavy Wt. 33"x39" 50 SPC100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SPC100B Heavy Wt. (Blue MBPP Pad)* 15"x19" 100 SPC105 Heavy Wt. (1 side w/ blue coverstock)* 15"x19" 100 SPC300 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SPC200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 SPC500 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SPC Oil Rolls SPC150 Heavy Wt. 38"x144' 1 SPC152 Heavy Wt. 19"x144' 2 SPC19150 Heavy Wt. 19"x144' 1 SPC156 Medium Wt. (1 side w/blue coverstock)* 30"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. ENV Oil Pads ENV100 Heavy Wt. 15"x19" 100 ENV50 Medium Wt. 30"x30" 50 ENV300 Medium Wt. 15"x19" 100 ENV200 Light Wt. 15"x19" 200 ENV500 Light Wt. 15"x19" 100 MXO1000 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 100 ENV Oil Rolls ENV150 Medium Wt. 30"x150' 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Basic Oil Pads BPO100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x17" 100 BPO200 Light Wt.* 15"x17" 200 BPO500 Light Wt.* 15"x17" 100 Basic Oil Rolls BRO150 Heavy Wt.* 30"x150" 1 BRO152 Heavy Wt* 15"x150' 2 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Static Resistant Oil Pads SR3625 Heavy Wt. 30"x30" 25 SR100 Heavy Wt. 15"x19" 100 SR1825 Medium Wt. 15"x19" 25 Static Resistant Oil Rolls SR3600 Heavy Wt. 30"x150' 1 * Perforated

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