Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 416 Absorbents & Spill Control

416 Absorbents and Spill Control 416 View full product specs on page 432. Chemical Absorbents Color-coded absorbents for safe clean-up of hazardous fluids. Alert employees to the presence of hazardous fluids with green and yellow chemical absorbents. These surfactant treated polypropylene pads and rolls can be used on a wide range of chemicals, and are chemically inert, so they will not react with aggressive fluids. Looking for added cost savings? Select a perforated option that allows you to use only what you need. Universal Plus Absorbents Dimpled and perforated green universal absorbent is chemically inert and ideal for aggressive fluids Universal Meltblown Polypropylene 3-ply construction makes it stronger, more durable and reduces lint High Visibility Safety Absorbents Get the benefits of a sign and an absorbent in one unique product Highly absorbent for all-purpose industrial applications Color and print make it ideal for areas where the risk of slips, trips and falls are greatest Common Liquids Absorbed: Acids and bases Aggressive chemicals Oils Solvents Citric acid Water-based fluids Sodium hydroxide And other unknown chemicals Spill Response Plus Universal Plus Absorbents Small custom size reduces waste Highly absorbent, multi-purpose absorbents made to handle virtually any liquid Dimpled for added durability & reduced linting VendSorb Chemical Absorbents Conveniently sized to fit into your vending program Designed to absorb any liquids including oil and hazardous chemicals and acids Chemically inert making it ideal for aggressive fluids Reduce waste by using only what you need, dimpled for added durability NEW! Catalog # Type Size Qty. Spill Response Plus Chemical Pads SRPH200 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 200 SRPH100 Heavy Wt. 7.5"x10" 100 Spill Response Plus Chemical Roll SRPH75P Heavy Wt.* 7.5"x50" 1 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. VendSorb Chemical Rolls VSH12P Heavy Wt.* 12"x60" 20 VSH75P Heavy Wt.* 7.5"x50" 20 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. Universal Plus Chemical Pads SPCUN1719 Medium Wt.* 15"x19" 100 SPCUN1113 Medium Wt. 12"x12" 200 SPCUN1113-50 Medium Wt. 12"X12" 50 Universal Plus Chemical Roll SPCUN3800 Medium Wt.* 30"x150' 1 SPCUN1019 Medium Wt.* 15"x150' 2 * Perforated Catalog # Type Size Qty. High Visibility Safety Pads (with print) CH100 Heavy Wt.* 15"x19" 100 CH200 Light Wt.* 15"x19" 200 High Visibility Safety Pads (without print) CH1212 Medium Wt. 12"X12" 200 CH1212-50 Medium Wt. 12"X12" 50 High Visibility Safety Rolls (with print) CH303 Medium Wt.* 30"x300' 1 CH30DP Heavy Wt.* 30"x150' 1 CH15DP Heavy Wt.* 15"x150' 1 * Perforated

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