Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 417 Absorbents & Spill Control

417 Absorbents and Spill Control 417 View full product specs on page 432. Absorbents and Spill Control NEW! High Performance Mats and Rugs Combining absorbency with added durability features, Brady SPC's high performance mats and rugs are perfect for areas with heavy foot or forklift traffic. These specially designed absorbents help keep aisles and walkways slip-free by absorbing and containing oils, liquids and other solvents. Compared to an entrance mat, absorbent mats and rugs offer better traction, reduce slipperiness and keep liquids from being tracked from one area to the next. TrackMat Matting Extremely durable 3-ply construction features UV- resistant top layer Highly absorbent polypropylene core Non-slip and non-leak barrier backing BSM - Barrier Spill Matting Industrial rug with non- slip and leak-proof barrier backing Needle-punched polypropylene is durable for high traffic areas Tear resistant and will not curl or buckle HT "High Traffic" Barrier Backed Mat Feature HT construction with barrier backing for added absorbency and durability High-visibility safety printing provides visual warning at the point of need Barrier Backed High Visibility Mat Features the same construction as the chemical absorbent with non-slip, non- leak barrier backing for added durability Color and print make it ideal for areas with the risk of slips, trips and falls Adhesive Absorbent Mat Adheres to any surface, reducing the likelihood of slips, trips and falls Removes without leaving any residue All-purpose mat for general industrial applications SIR - Sorbent Industrial Rug Durable, needle-punched polypropylene fibers for high traffic areas Eliminates slippery areas and unsightly tracking Can stand up to most aggressive fluids Rag Rug Matting Eco-frinedly absorbents made from recycled cotton and polyester fibers Highly absorbent, provides traction, and masks dirt Ideal for maintenance, repair and industrial environments Common Liquids Absorbed: Bases & Oils Chemicals Solvents Water-based fluids NEW! Catalog # Type Size Qty. HT High Traffic Pads HTBB100 Heavy Wt. 15"x19" 100 HT High Traffic Rolls HTBB30 Heavy Wt. 30"x100' 1 HTBB15 Heavy Wt. 15"x100' 1 Catalog # Type Size Qty. Adhesive Mat Rolls AD30100 Heavy Wt. 30"x100' 1 AD1500 Heavy Wt. 15"x100' 1 Catalog # Type Size Qty. High Visibility Pads CHBB100 Heavy Wt. 15"x19" 100 High Visibility Rolls CHBB30 Heavy Wt. 30"x100' 1 CHBB15 Heavy Wt. 15"x100' 1 Cat # Type Size Qty. TrackMat Pads TM30 Heavy Wt. 29"x29" 30 TrackMat Rolls TM58 Heavy Wt. 58"x80' 1 TM29 Heavy Wt. 29"x80' 1 TM19 Heavy Wt. 19"x80' 1 Cat # Type Size Qty. BSM Rolls BSM300 Medium Wt. 36"x300' 1 BSM100 Medium Wt. 36"x100' 1 BSM3650 Medium Wt. 36"x50' 1 Cat # Type Size Qty. SIR Rolls SIR36 Heavy Wt. 36"x300' 1 SIR36150 Heavy Wt. 36"x150' 1 SIR72 Heavy Wt. 72"x150' 1 Cat # Type Size Qty. Rag Rug Rolls RAG36150 Heavy Wt. 36"x150' 1 RAG24150 Heavy Wt. 24"X150 1 RAG1818 Heavy Wt. 18"x18" 50 1-888-272-3946

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