Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 418 Absorbents & Spill Control

418 Absorbents and Spill Control 418 View full product specs on page 432. Absorbent SOCs, Pillows & Drum Covers Specialty absorbent products including SOCs, pillows and drum covers can be used around a facility when a pad or roll may not be sufficient. SOCs : Dependable, flexible tubes that mold around corners and conform to uneven surfaces to soak up spills and drips, preventing fluid from escaping to other areas. Pillows : Ideal for use under the bottom of spill pallets or machines that are known to drip or leak. Drum Covers : Eliminate the messy drips and overflow when mixing or pumping liquids from the drum barrel. SLIKWIK Universal SOCs All-purpose corn cob-filled SOC Cost-effective option for picking up of all non-aggressive liquids Cobra Coil Universal SOCs All-purpose vermiculite-filled SOC Excellent for diking applications Suitable for all liquids including aggressive chemicals BASIC Universal SOCs All-purpose cellulose-filled SOC Suitable for most non-aggressive fluids ALLWIK Universal SOCs All-purpose polypropylene SOC Suitable for most industrial applications Wringable and can be incinerated Re-Form Universal SOCs Made from recycled newsprint and other cellulose Absorbs oils, coolants, solvents and water-based fluid HAZWIK SOCs Absorbs chemicals, acids and bases Flexible design is easily molded around spills Catalog # Type Size Qty. AW124 SOC 3"x12' 4 AW806 SOC 3"x8' 6 AW430 SOC 3"x4' 30 AW412 SOC 3"x4' 12 Catalog # Type Size Qty. SW46 SOC 3"x42" 40 Catalog # Type Size Qty. MS-124 SOC 3"x12' 4 MS-806 SOC 3"x8' 6 MS-50 SOC 3"x4' 40 MS-412 SOC 3"x4' 12 Catalog # Type Size Qty. BSC40 SOC 3"x42" 40 BSC20 SOC 3"x42" 20 Catalog # Type Size Qty. CC440V SOC 3"x4' 40 CC400V SOC 3"x4' 12 Catalog # Type Size Qty. HAZ124 SOC 3"x12' 4 HAZ412 SOC 3"x4' 12

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