Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 420 Absorbents & Spill Control

420 Absorbents and Spill Control 420 View full product specs on page 432. Absorbent Booms Premium SPC Booms are lint free and easy to handle Economical ENV booms feature a lint-free blue sleeve Containment Booms Cost-effective solution for containment of oil spills on water Also used as barriers in holding ponds to retain waste and debris Marine Sweeps & Pillows 2-ply construction and durable blue coverstock for extra strength (for use with oil and petroleum-based fluids) "Sweep" the water to remove surface oil 100' sections are ideal for dragging behind or connecting between two ships Oil Nets/Drag Nets Flat, chemical-resistant filaments in half-pound units float Reusable after draining or dousing with #1 or #2 weight oils; extracted oil can be recycled or downgraded as fuel oil Sweep between two boats or deployed along a shoreline SPC5510* ENV510 Marine Absorbents SPC marine specialty absorbents are designed to float on water and contain or absorb a wide variety of marine fuels and oils. From containment to booming and skimming operations, these absorbents will soak up unwanted fluids on lakes, rivers, streams and coastal shorelines. Marine absorbent products are made for high absorbency and rapid deployment in demanding emergency situations. Available roped together or as individuals nets. Catalog # Type Size Qty. ENV810 ENV Boom 8"x10' 4 ENV510 ENV Boom 5"x10' 4 SPC810 SPC Boom 8"x10' 4 SPC510 SPC Boom 5"x10' 4 SPC5510 SPC Boom* 5"x10' 2 SPC818 SPC Boom 8"x18" 10 SPC518 SPC Boom 5"x18" 10 SPC318 SPC Boom 3"x18" 25 * SPC5510 features two 5"x10' booms attached side by side. Catalog # Size Qty. CB612 6" Float, 12" Skirt, 100' Sections 1 CB305 3" Float, 4.5" Skirt, 25' Sections 1 Catalog # Type Size Qty. SPC1900 Sweep 19"X100' 1 SPC10 Pillow 14"x25" 10 Catalog # Type Size Qty. ODN08 Oil Only 30 nets on 50' rope 1 ON030 Oil Only 30 nets (no rope) 1

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