Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 422 Absorbents & Spill Control

422 Absorbents and Spill Control 422 View full product specs on page 432. Spill Control & Containment Drip Pans Durable, low profile, polyethylene drip pans easily fit under leaky drum spigots and other problem areas Pan and universal fill captures up to 3/4 of a gallon of liquid Steel Spill Deck 100% galvanized steel containment pallets with fork lift pockets for easy transport Nestable construction reduces facility footprint Oil Skimming System Compact oil skimming system designed for vertical recover of floating oils in settling ponds or sumps Drain Seals Clean-up with soap and water for re-use SLIKSTOPPER's flexible and chemical- resistant PVC tightly seals drains Spill Magnets are backed with a strong magnet to seal drains SLIKSTOPPER PVC Drain Seal Spill Magnet Drain Seal Spill Decks Contain hazardous leaks with these low profile, 21.2-gallon capacity, two- drum spill decks Built-in clips easily connect multiple decks - creating a 4, 6, 8 or more drum storage platform Spill Berms Standard and lightweight available Self contained containment systems feature a one-piece design Requires no assembly, tools or inflation Spill Pallets Comply with governmental secondary containment regulations Capacity up to 128.9 gallons of containment 2-drum or 4-drum configuration *Easy loading ramp sold separately. Drain Plugs Conical-shaped drain plugs made from chemical-resistant PVC keep spills from entering the drains Just rinse and re-use when finished Storm Drain Guards Keeps oil, sediment and contaminants from entering water system Holds up to 40 lbs of sediment; flow rate is 500 gpm (new) and 700 gpm bypass Compact oil skimming system for industrial applications requiring up to 30 ft. mop and up to 100 gallon/hour recovery rates NEW! Catalog # Type Size Qty. SC-SD2 2-Drum Spill Deck 26"x52"x6" 1 SC-DK Sump Drain Kit to share capacity across decks 1 Catalog # Type Size Qty. SC-DP4 4-Drum Spill Pallet 52"x52"x17" 1 SC-DP2 2-Drum Spill Pallet 26"x52"x17" 1 SC-DPR Spill Pallet Ramp 32.5"x70" 1 Catalog # Type Size Qty. SB-1236 Standard Spill Berm 12'x36'x1' 1 SB-1226 Standard Spill Berm 12'x26'x1' 1 SB-1212 Standard Spill Berm 12'x12'x1' 1 SB-1010 Standard Spill Berm 10'x10'x1' 1 SB-SL46 Lightweight Spill Berm 4'x6'x8" 1 SB-SL44 Lightweight Spill Berm 4'x4'x8" 1 Catalog # Description Size Qty. PLUG6 Drain Plug 6" Plug 1 PLUG4 Drain Plug 4" Plug 1 PLUG3 Drain Plug 3" Plug 1 PLUG2 Drain Plug 2" Plug 1 Catalog # Description Size Qty. DPA24 Drip Pan 10"x10" 24 Catalog # Description Size Qty. PVC42 Slikstopper 42"x42" 1 PVC36 Slikstopper 36"x36" 1 PVC24 Slikstopper 24"x24" 1 PVC18 Slikstopper 18"x18" 1 96229 Magnet 12" dia. 1 Catalog # Size Qty. DGUARD14 36"x48"x18" 1* DGUARD1410 36"x48"x18" 10* DGUARD9 36"x48"x18" 1 DGUARD910 36"x48"x18" 10 * Feature X-TEX filter strips Catalog # Description Size Qty. MW-13 Stainless Steel Oil Skimming System 13"x14"x22" 1 Catalog # Description Size Qty. SS-2DR 2-Drum Steel Spill Deck 47.5"x31.5"x17" 1 SS-4DR 4-Drum Steel Spill Deck 47.5"x47.5"x13.26" 1

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