Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 423 Absorbents & Spill Control

423 Absorbents and Spill Control 423 View full product specs on page 432. Spill Control & Containment Absorbent Centers Fill with just about any SPC absorbent you need Use as an absorbent deployment station or mobile spill control unit Holds up to a 38" roll and full bales of product - no special refills required! Stack two or three to make a cabinet, hang it on the wall, or place it under your workbench Optional casters, wall mounting bracket, dowel rods and an accessory pack also available Spill Control Cabinet Allows easy access for emergency situations 2 fully adjustable shelves included Durable construction and keyhole slots for wall hanging Plexiglas window allows for easy content inventory Spill Control Cart Secure storage with locking handle (2 keys included) Convenient sturdy work surface with one fixed interior shelf 3" backstop on top surface Tubular handle and wheels for ease of mobility Extremely durable 16 gauge all welded steel Spill Containment and Storage A proper spill containment plan can help create a safe and productive work environment for your employees. SPC spill containment products help to prepare and protect any facility with solutions for unexpected, critical accidents. Absorbent storage centers and SPC spill kits provide fast-response solutions for unplanned spills of oils, solvents, coolants and other fluids. SPC drains, spill decks, berms, pans and pallets also ensure facility safety by catching, controlling and containing unexpected leaks, drips and spills. This absorbent center's modular cabinet is designed to hold all of your essential absorbents for storage and easy access - so your spill response team can quickly grab the right absorbent for the job. With the ability to hold full cases of SPC absorbent products, there is no special refill required for restocking. Also, because it's modular, customizable and mobile, the size of your absorbent storage is entirely up to you. 15" or 40" Dowel Rods Accessory Pack (goggles, gloves, disposal bags with ties and an emergency handbook) Wall Mount Set Of Casters * Absorbents sold separately. Catalog # Description Size Qty. SC-3000 Absorbent Center without casters 50"L X 26"W X 7.75"H 1 each SC-ACC Accessory Pack Includes goggles, gloves, disposal bags with ties, and an emergency handbook. 1 pack SC-D15 15" Dowel Rod 15" 1 rod SC-D40 40" Dowel Rod 40" 1 rod SC-4 Set of 4 casters n/a 1 pack SC-MB Wall Mount n/a 1 each Catalog # Description Size Qty. SC-Cart Spill Control Cart 36 x 18 x 38-3/8 1/each Absorbents sold separately Catalog # Description Size Qty. SC-Cabinet Spill Control Cabinet 19-7/8 x 14-1/4x 32-3/4 1/each Absorbents sold separately 1-888-272-3946

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