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449 Software Brady Workstation Basic Design Suite Get everything you need to create your own custom labels with the Brady Workstation Basic Design Suite. With basic design, formatting, graphics and simple barcode libraries, you can design labels like a pro in no time. Apps included: Batch Print Custom Designer Lite Excel Import Manage Files Sequence Template Editor Label Settings Safety and Facility Identification Suite Keep your facility safe and compliant with the Safety & Facility Identification Suite. This group of apps makes it easy to create custom signs, labels and pipemarkers. If you are looking to add visual safety guidance to your facility, this is the suite for you! Apps included: A rc Flash Arrow Tape Batch Print Custom Designer Excel Import Express Signs Manage Files Pipemarker Print Partner Sequence Template Editor Label Settings Sign and Label Creation Suites While every Brady Workstation app can be downloaded and purchased separately, Brady Workstation also includes several label design suites. These suites combine apps into a package providing complete soutions for specific identification needs - eliminating the guesswork of which apps are needed to accomplish the task at hand. Wire Identification Suite The Wire Identification Suite includes the right mix of Brady Workstation apps for creating wire and cable labels. It allows you to easily create single line labels, labels with wrapping text, and the serialization and importing of data without having to worry about alignment. If you are labeling or wrapping wires and cables, this is the suite for you! Apps included: Advanced Import Advanced Sequence Batch Print Excel Import Flip Flop Manage Files Print Partner Sequence Template Editor Text Labels Label Settings Download Your Free 30 Day Trial at Prefer to purchase in CD format? Both CD and E-Media versions are available on 1-888-272-3946

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