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450 Software Brady Workstation Individual Workstation Apps Easily design safety signs, pipemarkers, lockout tagout procedures, GHS labels, arc flash labels, and more with these apps that can also be downloaded and purchased separately from the suites. Additional apps can be found at Prefer to purchase in CD format? Both CD and E-Media versions are available on Arc Flash Quickly and easily create NFPA compliant arc flash labels with the Arc Flash app. Enter or import the assessment data for your equipment, then use the built-in templates to create and print your labels within a few simple clicks. This includes the latest 2015 updates to the NFPA 70E standard. T Express Signs Create your signs in no time! With the Express Signs app, simply pick a template, enter your information and print it in minutes. Want to try a different look? With just a single click, you can pick another layout - and don't worry, the sign information you entered will stay the same. GHS Labels Creating GHS labels is now surprisingly simple. We've streamlined the process so you can easily enter the data from your SDS sheets once, then create and print any size GHS label at any time. Need Bilingual labels? Those are also supported in the app. Lockout Writer Save time and keep employees safe with the Lockout Writer app. This intuitive tool allows you to create, store and print simple lockout procedures, associated tags and energy source labels quickly and easily. Arrow Tape Beyond creating a compliant pipe marker, you need to know what direction the pipe contents are flowing. The Arrow Tape app uses predefined templates and layouts to help you create a strip of repeating arrows or icons to wrap around your pipe, showing content direction. T Pipemarker Complying with the ANSI/ASME 13.1 2007 pipe marking standard just got easier. The Pipemarker app allows you to create the customized pipe markers you need using predefined pipemarker templates. When finished, you can save them to use again in the future. Still following the 1996 version of the standard? The app supports that too. Custom Designer When you need full label creation capabilities to streamline your work and maximize your investment, Custom Designer is the app of choice. This premier label editing app includes all of the features of Custom Designer Lite, plus more barcodes, linked objects, label error checking, subscript/superscript, advanced editing tools and more. It also opens saved graphics mode" files from LabelMark 5 and 6 without the need to convert. LITE Custom Designer Lite When all you need is a simple label editor to add text, barcodes, graphics and shapes to your labels, Custom Designer Lite is the ideal tool. This "no frills" label editing app also lets you customize labels created in any other Brady Workstation app. T Text Labels When you need just a few lines of text for a wire or cable marker, the Text Labels app provides a simple, streamlined experience. It enables you to easily enter text and shows you how many lines of text will fit onto your label. If you have saved "line mode" files from LabelMark 5 and 6, this app fully supports opening them, with no conversion required. Data Automation Save time and reduce errors with Data Automation. By automatically importing data onto a pre-defined label template and printing to a designated printer, this app allows label printing to seamlessly become a part of your daily processes. It runs in the background so you won't have to interrupt your work just to print a label. 1 2 LABS Print Ruler Print a simple ruler that you can apply when and where you need it. "Brady Labs" are experimental apps or features not ready for full release. Test them out for us, then let us know what you think!

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