Safety Facility Equipment Identification Catalog Page 491 Lockout Tagout

491 Lockout Tagout Lockout Tagout Procedures LINK360 Software Brady's LINK360 cloud based software is the first software to give you a complete view of the activities associated with creating, reviewing and updating visual information while driving internal employee engagement and accountability. LINK360 includes three modules: lockout/tagout, confined space and reliability. The LINK360 Lockout/Tagout Application helps companies: Receive compliance assistance with OSHA 1910.147 for lockout of hazardous energy sources Manage lockout/tagout programs Create visually instructive safety procedures, tags and energy source labels for printing Gain 24-hour access with our free mobile app for iOS, mobile phones and tablets Interested in a demo? Call 1-888-311-0774 or email Lockout Tagout Procedure Writing Service This turnkey service is the most effective, stress-free way to create an OSHA-compliant lockout/tagout program. You can trust our field engineers to take care of every detail, including: Evaluating your needs and equipment requirements Creating visually-instructive procedures specific to your machinery, facility and employee safety requirements Laminating and installing the new lockout/tagout procedures Installing color-coded energy source ID tags Collaborating with your team during the process, helping you understand how to successfully maintain the program in-house For more information, visit or call 1-888-272-3946 A Snapshot of LINK360 Software: Cloud-based software with free mobile apps Create and update procedures and permits Facilitate reviews, comments and approvals Setup regularly scheduled audit processes and reminders Time-stamping and record keeping Comprehensive procedure management tool 1-888-272-3946

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